Over the past years, one of the most popular requests when meeting an Escort is that the she is wearing smooth and silky nylon stockings. Our ladies at Privé knew that men get turned on by legs covered in nylon stockings and pantyhose, but how come many of them are crazy for it. So we thought it might be a good idea to get to the bottom of this.

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To all ladies, not only Escorts, the reason why men keep staring at your legs when you are wearing nylons and pantyhose is the the silky feeling and look of it against your skin. Stockings or pantyhose make your legs look perfect and smooth. We assume that many men associate nylons with lingerie, no matter if you are wearing hold ups, stockings or pantyhose. And men believe the only reason a woman ever wears lingerie is to attract men.

It is the underlaying feeling, the arousal and the uncontrollable urge to touch them. Anyone who has a nylon fetish automatically stares at any legs that are covered in nylons. Many are very specific in what they like. We learned from past booking requests that most men prefer sheer nylons opposed to fishnets. Reason might be that we are a elite and VIP Escort Agency, and our clients do not want our Escorts to appear slutty when taking them out for dinner. Sorry, we do not mean to insult any fishnet lovers, but most people perceive them as slutty. Perhaps that is exactly the reason why you like them, in case you are into them.

Either way, nylon stockings are the ultimate “you can look but you can’t touch” item. Perhaps this is something that men have been brought up learning since grade school when you got caught staring at the 4th grade teacher legs. Not sure if you were lucky enough having a attractive 4th grade teacher who wore nylons everyday. The good news is however, to anyone who has a nylon fetish and has the so-called “nylon-gene” you can now book your Nylon Fetish Escorts in London at Privé. And rest assured you will be allowed to stare AND touch them. Perhaps, if you are being a good boy you can also lick them.