Many of us often wonder how we could improve our sex-life, have a better orgasm, tighten the loose ends of our relationships and spice up the things we take for granted. Well, many people tend to think, if the sex life with their partner would improve it would have a positive affect on their relationships. Ok, so we asked one of our role-play escort, named Nikki Dior, who is a real pro when it comes to kinky role-plays in the bedroom. To her it was a very important part in her relationships with past lovers. So, lets get down to the details and get some hands on instructions of how it is done. First and most important rule to remember, most people love the idea of role-playing, but many are afraid to actually do it in real life. Some are afraid of their acting talents, others fear the reaction of their partner, and others are simply not creative enough. Anyway, forget your anxiety and fasten your seatbelt, you are about to discover a whole new world.

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Start at the bottom and work your way up

By that we do not mean to start kissing the toes and work all your way up to the lips. No, what we actually mean is that you should pick an easy and simple theme to start with. Something you feel comfortable with, which is not too cheesy. Something you can imagine you and your boy or girlfriend can do and feel that it is a turn on. Brainstorm a little of what might be nice. Doesn’t mean you and your partner have to sit down and write up thousands of role-play themes. Take 5 mins of your time in office, and instead of watching cat videos on YouTube, you may think about what would turn you on. Oh, and this brings us to the first suggestions, and a classic amongst our role-play escorts! Office themes; Men love the idea of secretary and boss role-plays, whereby the men can be the secretary if he feels submissive. Don’t forget to wear your nylons, we have a entire article dedicated to why men are into nylon stockings. Anyway, before we get carried away, here are a few other easy themes you may wish to explore:

  • Personal Trainer and his or her client
    • Works best if at least one of you is in good shape.
  • Doctor or nurse and patient
    • This is where white stockings come into play.
  • Masseuse and his or her client
    • Our personal favourite as you get a free massage out of it.
  • Handyman and homeowner
    • Cliche but simple to re-enact. Can get very filthy.
  • Teacher and student
    • Another classic, hair up, glasses on, pencil skirt and hold ups are must.

Once you got over the first hurdle you can think of more advanced themes. Perhaps anything you have seen in porn movies before, or themes that excited you in the past. Anything that makes your heart go faster. Of course it is important that both, you and your partner get excited about the role-play you have picked. By the way, if you don’t feel comfortable with the idea of going through complex acting scenes, you can always start with something easy that is based on your own character. For example you can both meet in a bar, pretending you are strangers. Be the lucky guy who takes home a beautiful, sexy dressed woman the first time he met her in a bar. Or the lucky girl who has instantly fallen in love with an incredibly handsome prince. See, it doesn’t have to be too complicated to be exciting.

Breaking the news to your partner

In case you have brainstormed role-play all alone, and your partner doesn’t yet know that you would like to try something new you have to tell him somehow. We know that this might not be the easiest thing to do. Some people haven’t ever gotten over this, and hence go the easy route of booking a role-play escort. Trust us, we know. Anyway, we would like you to have a healthy and bursting sex life with your partner. So, here is what you are going to do.

Slip some hints into the conversation, if you do it right it won’t be embarrassing and if your partner is perceptive and open to the idea they will pick up on it. Keep your eyes and ears open for hints as well. Here a little experience I made myself, I was watching TV with my ex-boyfriend (bless him), and I think we watched ‘Scrubs’, which is all about doctors and nurses. In fact it is not very erotic, either way, he said he loves the look of slutty nurses. Not that this ever exists in real hospitals, but I knew what he meant. Dressed all in white, white nylons and high heels and this ridiculously but sexy looking hat on top of my head. We had a bit of a trash talk, but I didn’t necessarily say that I was turned on by the thought that he gets turned on by it. I never thought of myself as dressing up like a hot and extremely naughty nurse, but next day when he came back I had a surprise waiting for him. And guess what, we had a lot of Role-Plays to follow. It turned out that we both had a vivid fantasy and we came up with the craziest topics. So yes, this advice is from both, me and Nikki Dior - slip in some hints, if your partner has similar fantasies they will most certainly respond to it.

Lastly, once you jumped over the first hurdle and slipping the topic role-play into conversation, and you both show interest, make sure that you don’t just push your own fantasies upon your partner, but also listen what he or she wants. This is very important, otherwise there won’t be many role-plays to follow.

As a beginner you should plan

This is important, for many reasons. Firstly, you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the role-play and run out of ideas. Yes I know, being spontaneous is romantic - but in this case it can turn out to be foolish and ruin the a pretty hot and steamy atmosphere. You don’t want it to turn into some embarrassing and ridiculous looking play, right? Once you feel comfortable with a particular role-play theme you can change the story, or if you both enjoy it you can play it over and over again. Experienced role-players know how to improvise of course, you will get there, don’t worry!

Anyway, you decided upon the role-play you both wish to reenact. You both feel excited about it, and for both of you it is a great turn on. Surely you know why it turns you on. So sit down with your partner and tell him or her how you want to play it. Make sure at this point that he or she is allowed to chip in their ideas. You might create a brand new story that is way more exciting than your initial fantasy. However, if you both can’t agree on a script, you better settle for a different role-play. The key is that both enjoy your role-play! Nikki Dior knows best, she is an enthusiastic role-player and top escort, so no debating.

Lastly, do not create an unnecessarily complex topic to start with. As a beginner, stick to the topics mentioned above. Surely you have been a student, and you know how you acted towards your teacher - in your fantasy. Assuming you haven’t had sex with your professor or teacher. For those lucky once who did sleep with their teachers at Uni, well done. Nothing will ever top this and there is no need for you to practice role-plays. You have achieved it all and nothing will ever really excite you again. Kidding, read on. In summary, keep it simple, choose familiar, non-complex topics and create a light script you can follow so you do not get stuck.

Know your partners limits

Yes, you are not about to practice S&M, however, having a safe word is important, even for role-plays. Respect your partners limits, and most importantly know them beforehand. For example if A-Level is off the table, so be it. There is nothing more awkward then you trying to do something your partner is not ok with. This usually puts the entire role-play on halt, and a perfect evening is wasted. In fact, it can lead to not role-playing for a while with this particular partner. Turn-offs are our greatest enemy in the bedroom - so please avoid.

Talk about your both fantasies and get the blessing from your partner for whatever you are planning to do. If you both know each other for sometime it will be easier. Nikki Dior had two gay friends who were totally into role-playing but also enjoyed multiple partners. So in short, they went to a number of gay clubs, pulling guys and hoped for a great role-play. Did not always turn out that well, but that’s a different story.

Last but not least, enjoy!

Ok, you are not a professional actor, so do not criticise yourself. Just enjoy the moment, you are about to fulfil a dream, a hidden desire, your very own fantasy you probably have masturbated to for quiet sometime. The moment is here. Have fun, if you enjoy it and do not pay too much attention on how you act, your partner will feel instantly more secure too. Leaving you both with a great shared moment and memory. And with every thing you do in life - recap. Focus on what you liked most and explore these parts more in your next adventure. Needless to mention - avoid and drop the things you didn’t like as much.

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