Many of us often wonder how we could improve our sex-life, have a better orgasm, tighten the loose ends of our relationships and spice up the things we take for granted. Well, many people tend to think, if the sex life with their partner would improve it would have a positive affect on their relationships. Ok, so we asked one of our role-play escort, named Nikki Dior, who is a real pro when it comes to kinky role-plays in the bedroom. To her it was a very important part in her relationships with past lovers. So, lets get down to the details and get some hands on instructions of how it is done. First and most important rule to remember, most people love the idea of role-playing, but many are afraid to actually do it in real life. Some are afraid of their acting talents, others fear the reaction of their partner, and others are simply not creative enough. Anyway, forget your anxiety and fasten your seatbelt, you are about to discover a whole new world.

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