The process of finding and booking an Escort in London is fairly straight forward, but for those who are going to book an Escort for the first time and are not sure how to get around it here are some guidelines. Some of those are specific to London Privé, so perhaps a good idea to take a look at those even you already booked Escorts in the past.

Privé | Booking an Escort

Pick the one or two Escorts you are interested in. It’s always a good idea to have an backup in case the Lady or Gentleman is not available on that day / time you. Most of our Escorts are students or professionals who have a full or part time job - which makes it sometimes results in being unavailable for a specific time at short notice. Best if you make an advance booking to avoid disappointment! Usually one or two hours in advance works best. If you want to see them straight away - make sure you have a 2nd choice. If one of our Escort goes on a well deserved holiday it will be displayed on their profile picture on the female and male Escort portfolio. If it is an advanced booking you probably and don’t know the time yet - don’t worry, you can let us know closer to the date when you actually meet the Escort.

Make sure you know where to meet your Escort. Do you wish to see them for Incall or Outcall? Incall refers to a booking where you going to meet the Escort at their private location and Outcall refers to a booking where the Escort is visiting you. Keep in mind that some Escorts do not provide incall locations. Just take a look at their profile - if there the Incall rate shows N/A for 1 hour bookings that it is most likely that they cannot accommodate visitors at their place.

Once you picked your Escort, location and the date / time you wish to see them you can either book online (only for advanced bookings!!) or call us on +44 (0) 77 4537 0000. Preferably you call us so we can sort out the booking as quick and efficient as possible. You might have some questions we can answer straight away. We will then confirm with the Escort and if they accept the booking we are going to send you his / her address in a text message. In case of an outcall you will have to pass your details to us so we can forward those to the Escort. In case of a Hotel visit we require room number as well as your name. We will then call to your hotel room to confirm the booking. In case of a home visit it is advisable to have a landline number as in certain cases we won’t be able to send an Escort around as we have to guarantee their safety.

What to do in case of a cancellation?

We understand that sometimes you cannot attend an appointment. That is not a problem, but please let us know as soon as you know that you won’t be able to make it. Perhaps an hour in advance would be much appreciated. There are no obligations and no one is upset if you cancel - we appreciate if you let us know as it will help our Escorts towards planning their day!

What if I am running late?

That is not a problem as long as you let us know. In case you travel by tube, it is perhaps best if you mention this to our receptionist - as you won’t have any signal and in case of a delay you might not be able to contact us. We will ask the Escort to wait. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the Escort can see you in case you are running late for more than 15 minutes. Of course we would let you know straight away.

What if I don’t feel comfortable once I meet the Escort?

If you don’t feel any chemistry with the Escort you picked you can cancel the booking on the spot. Please note that you must leave her or his place within the first 5 minutes of the booking. You cannot expect full refund (if at all) half way through a booking - so please make up your mind at the beginning. See Terms & Conditions for details. Same applies to Hotel or Home visits - please ask the lady to leave at the beginning of the booking - you will be required to cover the travel costs (cab fees) - unless we made a mistake.

Privé | Rates

Putting a price tag on the Escort Service

All Escorts listed with London Prive are independent London Escorts who decide upon their rate they wish to offer their services to clients and using London Prive solely as an opportunity to promote their public profiles. We are more than happy to hand pick and list London’s most attractive Ladies who provide a genuine Escort experience, however we are not in a situation to negotiate the donation at any point in time.

Incall Rates

Individual rates are displayed on the left hand side on each profile. In case rates are not listed you can call us anytime for further information. Incall refers to a situation where the client visits the Independent Escort at their private apartment. Incall rates start from £150 per hour and go up to £400 per hour, depending on Escort. Additional hours usually go for less than the first hour, hence we recommend to book an appointment with a Lady for a longer period of time. You can easily find the Escort who matches your budget by filtering by Category. High Class Escorts start from £150, Elite Escorts from £200 and our VIP Ladies start from £250. In rare occasion Female Escorts offer also 30 min. appointments for £100 - £150. Please call us for further details and bear in mind that only a few Ladies offer a 30 min. booking and it will be clearly advertised on the Escorts Profile under the rates section.

Female Escorts usually charge higher rates than Male Escorts as the demand is simply higher opposed to the demand of Male Companions. Our Male Escorts usually start from £200 as they provide outcall services only and are not able to accommodate at their own place.

Outcall Rates

Outcall refers to a booking where the Male or Female Escort is visiting the client at their home or hotel. In this case additional charges will occur. Firstly a Escort will usually charge £50 extra on top of their incall rates as to cover the time it takes from their incall place to wherever the client is located.

For example: If the ladies incall rate is £150, but you wish to see her at your Hotel you will have to pay £200 to cover the travel time. This however excludes additional cab fees that might occur. If you wish to know about how much an Escort will charge to get to your Flat, Apartment, House or Hotel view our Hotel or Home visit tool. It will exactly calculate the time it takes the Companion to get to your place as well as any additional taxi charges that might occur. Within 3 miles there are usually no additional cab charges.

Additional Charges

Keep in mind that all services offered by any of the Independent Escorts listed are for companionship only. Should anything else occur, it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults. Escorts listed on this site do NOT offer any illegal or immoral services.