Our latest addition this spring, a stunning new VIP Escort who goes by the name of “Blake”. She has stunningly long legs and knows how to entertain punters in the search of a beautiful company like no other. With a body to die for, and a personality that makes addictive it is understandable that she chooses to ask for higher donations than many other Escorts, be that elite or VIP Escorts.

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Blake has a great number of sexy outfits in her wardrobe. She always dresses classy, sexy, seductive, yet appropriate to the occasion. We are going to publish the interview soon, so keep an eye on the female escort interview section of Privé Magazine. Blake is going to tell us a little about herself, her favourite cloths, fetishes and obviously what turns her on most in a man and a date. For the time being, all we can say is we are happy to have Blake on board and we wish her all the best in her career as independent London VIP Escort. We predict a bright future for such a beautiful young lady with taste and a lot of kinky thoughts. View her profile and enjoy a great amount of sexy images of our tasteful blonde companion. If you have any questions or wish to book Blake for an evening get in touch with our lovely receptionists who’d be delighted to make your dream date come true.