Foreign adventures. Business trips. Exotic settings. Many of our clients travel a lot. Sometimes they need that perfect companion. Someone who can accommodate their busy lifestyle and situation. If you are seeking fulfilling travel adventures you are certainly at the right place, we are well established and experienced in moving arrangements and skillful assistance of our high-end clientele.

Well-seasoned travelers our carefully selected International companions are the perfect company on a trip, long or small. We strive to accommodate you on your business or pleasure trips.

Many of our ladies and gentlemen also speak numerous languages. Imagine the setting; you are abroad with the girl or gentleman of your choice. Your companion always there for you, able to converse on various subjects. We can send our Companions to virtually any safe destination worldwide. Just make a choice and if you need to, consult the receptionist, who will advise you further on who may be best suited to your specific needs. Travel will never be the same again.

Our refined and elegant ladies and gentleman can blend into any situation with great skill, to be whomever you wish them to be in any situation. Just specify what you need and we will deliver it. If you are looking solely for companionship, then we can give you that. If you are looking for something more, that special touch, that extra attraction for your journey, then we have that as well. Rest assured, whatever your requirements we can accommodate them. We have a versatile range of Travel Companions on and off our books. You will not be disappointed.

These are individuals who understand other cultures, and who know what social requirements are in different social situations. They are also fun, loving, effortlessly elegant and considerate of their companions. You will have the time of your life. Browse through the choices and make one and try. You have just booked a ticket to a word of adventure. Travel just got more exciting.

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How to book your Travel Companion

To book your international travel companion you only have to follow the few steps below. Remember that only countries that are considered to be safe to visit (safety Index by OECD) are available to travel by our Female as well as Male Companions. A detailed journey literary must be submitted prior departure, along with booking confirmations to evaluate and verify the trip. You can take a look here to see what travel companion is visiting what region. Again, individual countries in the world regions listed might not be available.

Pick a destination along with your Exclusive Travel Companion

To start with preparing your trip, you have to choose a destination and find a male or female Companion who is available to travel to this particular region in the world. You can do so here. At Privé we understand that choosing a right personal Escort is essential, and we understand that a true Companion is nothing like the stereotypical escort.

We would love to assist you in finding your perfect match, rest assured that we would help at our best abilities, trying to understand what are you looking for to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

If you would like us to assist you in your travel organization, we offer that service too, with additional prepaid 10% surcharge on top of all travel fees.

If you are a member, you can send us an online booking request or contact us via phone to discuss all requirements over the phone.

Submit the proposed travel literary

Once you are in touch with us we ask you to submit detailed travel literarily, so we know the dates, means of travel, be it Airplane, Yacht or Private Jet. Where you will be staying and what is the general outline of your trip looks like. We require your full travel details, proof of everything booked and prepaid.

We arrange each meeting by appointment only and uniquely tailored to suit your needs.

Note that no travel companion is going to go abroad without knowing who they are going to meet. Therefore very detailed introduction is required from your side.

Meanwhile, we are more than happy to help and assist you in search of your perfect travel companion, and we are sure that you will enjoy each lady or gentleman that we recommend, we firmly suggest that you meet your traveling partner at least once before your scheduled trip.

Preparations for Luxurious International Travel

If we know you, and we have established trusted relationship, you see that process of booking with Privé is very simple.

In case you haven’t yet booked with us, we require a down payment that covers the cost of travel, 50% administration fee that goes towards the independent companion, cleared minimum five days prior trip. While we encourage that you plan your trip at your earliest convenience, we may make exceptions and are happy to accept bookings even at the shorter notice as five days, but with full prepaid Companion travel fees.

Any cancellations will result in 10% cancellation fee from the stored amount, while we will be happy to refund you the rest of the money, we offer safe keep service to hold your funds for you to use for your next International adventure.

Knowing that you must provide us with sensitive personal information, we understand that privacy is critical to our high end, and upmarket clientele and we assure most respectful and discreet handling of any type confidential information provided.

Once the details are all confirmed, you can liaise back and relax as we make sure that your initial meeting with your travel companion runs smoothly.

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