London Prive had great access to one of our Male escorts Steven so we had an interview with him. We hope you enjoy reading about him.

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Q: Steven, are you new to the escort industry?

A: No I have been in the industry for six years now. I am experienced and really like giving my clients the best experience I can.

Q: What brought you to London Prive?

A: I heard from another two escorts that were already working for London Prive. I really like the manners class and professionalism. The thing that was most apparent was how much the escorts take pride in their work, shortly after I joined London private myself.

Q: Do you think you have some different,  you think you have something new to offer?

A: I definitely have something new to offer-my Brazilian charm, my Italian sophistication all in one and very naturally naughty personality. As well as a very fit, toned and muscly body.

Q: What makes you different to all the escorts?

A: I am very adaptable to all personal requests and I see that as very unique and pleasing for the lady’s.

Q: What set’s you apart from all the different escorts here?

A: My upbringing which makes me very respectful forward others and my education plus the fact that I have more than a couple of years’ experience sets me apart.

Q: So when you are out and about what are your favourite kinds of food?

A: Meat and Sea food.

Q: Gents have toys sometimes what have you got any?

A: Yes, Cars, motors and Watches.

Q: How Do you keep yourself fit and looking great?

A: I go to the gym 5 days per week and I also like Kick Boxing.

Q: What insight’s do you have about the people you are working with and how do you deal with that?

A: I know that every client wants to feel absolutely unique and want’s to let all their fantasies and desires out freely, without inhibitions. I am there to ensure all those unique desires are satisfied, above and beyond their imagination.

Q What’s more fun visiting an art gallery going to the theatre or having a night hosting?

A: I am a social person and a perfect gentleman so i would always chose hosting in any given situation. I love to entertain guests and look after them.

Q: You have some great events around London and other places around the UK which ones would you chose?

London offers such great variety of events some of my favourites are: The rugby world cup, Salon Privé the UK’s only premium automotive brands event and leading Concours d’Elégance, London fashion week, Royal Ascot horse racing, and Wimbledon.

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Grey Goose Vodka, Champagne and cocktails.