The London Boat Race renamed The Cancer Research UK Boat Races takes part on 27th March 2016 learn more by reading our magazine

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The London boat race is famous and attracts many thousands of spectators. For those that are not so close you can join millions of others and watch full coverage on the BBC. You might know the race by this name The London boat race but it has changed to The Cancer Research UK Boat Races this is due to BNY Mellon and Newton Investment Management who very kindly donated there sponsorship to cancer research in the UK. This year the London boat race is on Sunday 27th March and starts at 4.10 PM for the men and 3.10 PM for the woman. The race first took place in 1829 the same year Kings College London was founded by King George IV and the duke of wellington. It became an annual event 15th March 1856. It is one of the world’s most historic sporting contests. The race measures 4.2 miles along the serenity river Thames in West London it starts at Putney and ends in Mort Lake. There are some great places you can get a drink and a view near to the river including Blue Anchor, Dove, Rutland Arms mind you want to get there very early on to guarantee your seat.

 Sinking’s of the boats has happened more than a couple times pretty strange but a scary  fact the last sinking was in 1984 when  a Cambridge boat hit a barge. The Boat Race is an annual contest between two rowing crews from Oxford and Cambridge universities. They are the UK’s most prestige universities.  

Light blue are Cambridge’s colour and oxford are in light blue. A good bit of English tradition goes on to select the side of the river that the teams row in the clubs presidents toss a coin the 1829 sovereign which has King George IV on. both sides of the river have their advantages and disadvantages What may surprise people being such a prestigious even it is free and many vantage points along the riverbank at Putney, Hammersmith, Barnes or Chiswick If you’re a sporting person and like a  gamble the odds Oxford’s men’s are about ¼ win with Cambridge around 11/4. Not a traditional betting race but bookies do take bets. The race in 1877 was declared a dead heat both teams finished first in a time of 24 minutes and eight seconds mind there was a bit controversy at the time. The men's race doesn’t last very long; the record, set by Cambridge in 1998, is 16min 19sec.

Cambridge are the current champions

This year the London boat race is on Sunday 27th March

3.10 PM for the woman’s race

4.10 PM for the men’s race

The Nearest underground tube Stations:

  • Putney Bridge
  • Hammersmith
  • Ravenscourt Park
  • Stamford Brook
  • Turnham Green