Exclusive Interview with a British Escort and Profesional Seductress Lydia.

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London Privé: Why Choosing to be an exclusive companion and how did you get into the industry?

A) I joined this industry by choice, after doing my research to know what I was getting into, and decided this was how I wanted to save financially for my future. Yes, I do enjoy being a companion to wonderful gentlemen.

London Privé: What do you enjoy most about the Escort Industry?

A) What I enjoy most about being a companion in London is the clarity it affords me. Today, ladies in their 20’s are facing an uphill battle in the rush of finding the one in the dating game. It’s endless disastrous dates littered with mind games and uncertainty of feelings between the two sides. With my gentlemen, there is no room for that. I get all the great things like being wined and dined, enjoying conversation and genuine passion for a man who desires me. Visiting exclusive venues, overseas trips to exotic places, expensive gifts and none of the hassle of the push and pull. We know our roles are going in and that clarity is bliss for me. I will come out of this with my finances healthier than most ladies my age, many fun memories and the ability to start my business debt free.

London Privé: What is your most memorable date you’ve ever had?

A) The most memorable so far is a week of passion and parties starting with being flown to Monaco for a New Years celebration to remember, then on to Paris for an early birthday shopping trip and finishing in London for a bathtub built for two in a luxury suite at The Savoy. He was a treasure to be with, and such old-world manners towards me, any lady would melt.

London Privé: What do you most enjoy about London?

A) I mostly enjoy London’s anonymity, and then there is the Higher Culture scene I adore. In the years I’ve lived in London, I’ve never once bumped into anyone I’ve met in the industry. That suits my reserved and introvert nature perfectly. Then the beautiful things this city has to offer, so often passed over by those who live here. The Theatre, Opera, Symphony, Ballet, Museum and Gallery exhibitions that I visit frequently and genuinely couldn’t live without. I consider myself very lucky to live in London.

London Privé: What is your favourite Hotel in London and Why?

A) My favourite hotels in London are The Savoy, The Corinthia and The Rosewood. They are, in my opinion, the last word in exemplary service, elegant Art Deco surroundings (my favourite), indulgent spas and fantastic cuisine in their several restaurants.

London Privé: What is your favourite Restaurant in London? Name as many as you wish, if you are a gourmet.

A) Of the many beautiful places I’ve been fortunate enough to dine at since moving to London, a few certainly stick out as favourites. For authentic French its Gauthier in Soho, for seafood it’s Kaspar’s at The Savoy, for Japanese its The Araki, for Italian its Murano. Then there are places like the Ledbury, Clos Maggiore and of course Petrus. The right setting for dinner can make all the difference to those with exquisite tastes.

London Privé: What is your favourite drink?

A) Billecart-Salmon or Laurent Perrier rose champagne, Japanese whisky or a well made dry gin martini.

London Privé: How do you keep fit?

A) I practice yoga after meditation every morning and swim several times a week to keep my body tight and supple

London Privé: Are you new or are you more experienced? Describe qualities that you are bringing to the agency.

A) I worked for a couple of productive years then took a break, I have enough experience to provide a one of a kind service tailored to elite gentlemen with good manners, and I still enjoy a day that I get to indulge as a companion. I am a girl of exquisite tastes, good manners and ladylike countenance and I can bring that touch of elegance and refinery to the agency.

London Privé: What do you have to offer that is different to everyone else?

A) No disrespect meant to many other ladies of the night, we each have something to offer, but I find its an overwhelming array these days of drunk, drug-addled and poorly behaved girls in this industry. A companion needs to be discreet in both a polished and expensive exterior that blends in at fine establishments so not to draw unwelcome attention to herself or her clients, and a manner of alluring elegance to entice and seduce him. Gentlemen paying Prada prices do not want a dishevelled, loud, intoxicated unprofessional girl showing up to provide a lacklustre encounter, probably talking about her last client like she’s a teenager gossiping on the phone to her friend. I’m a professional, I consider this business and make it work like one. Each encounter must be 10 out of 10, considering the nature of it and the fact that you are a walking talking luxury for them. A treat for the senses. Also, he may thoroughly review you, and you want each one to be the best it can be, to praise both you and the agency. We are bees belonging to a hive, upset one looking for a taste of honey and it affects not just you but the entire colony. I offer an exemplary service, from sipping fine wine or champagne from crystal to indulging in my silk sheets wrapped in expensive lingerie. I enjoy making a man feel like he is the only thing in my world that matters and releasing him from our time together truly relaxed, satisfied and craving more of me and my skills.

London Privé: What’s your favourite food that you would like to enjoy with a client if taken out to the dinner date?

A) Dinner companionship is where I excel. I adore the lead up to passions with flirtation and conversation, exploring each other mentally first. My favourite cuisines of choice are threefold, Japanese, authentic French and Italian. Incidentally, possibly my three favourite countries to visit both personally and in the company of someone adventurous and passionate who wants to whisk me away.

London Privé: How important is taking care of yourself? What do you do to maintain yourself beautiful?

A) I see this as a business and so the need to keep up my beauty regimen as crucial to its running smoothly. We are after all working on a very tangible thing- beauty. We are like flowers that bloom for a short while and then fade into another world after a time; our currency is not just alluring countenance and company but physical beauty. Like models or actresses, we must have a routine that keeps us desirable; only where a camera observes them, we have a real set of eyes to entice from every angle.

I watch what I eat daily, for not just keeping my 24” waist but a glowing complexion and healthy hair and nails too, with the right organic foods to feed my every need. I also practice yoga daily to remain flexible, which of course has many benefits when it comes to horizontal acrobatics and swimming helps me to keep me firm too. I spend each morning, after the oh so important 8 hrs of beauty sleep hitting all the targets that matter. Working out, cleaning my apartment and laying out everything I’ll need to care for my gentlemen, giving myself a manicure and pedicure after a Queen Cleopatra like oil bath, making sure my skin is super soft and blemish free, washing and styling my hair, indulging in a specific and extensive skincare regimen and of course finishing the look with the right cosmetics and dressing to impress complete with silk stocking and lacy lingerie. Every morning I ensure my day and evening will unfold in prime condition by taking the time to prepare sufficiently. Operating like this helps me to be prepared for any eventually and not need to rush around at the last minute because its all done by 1 pm. I don’t like to stress; it gives you wrinkles.

London Privé: Dresses may be fabulous but what is your other clothing for that perfect day?

A) I genuinely only have one pair of dress trousers, complete with a suit jacket because it was a gift. I do believe in looking like a lady at all times unless its requested I do not. Whether working or enjoying a personal day, I don’t ever seem anything but understated glamorous, and that has been me since I was 17. I can go grocery shopping in flat shoes instead of my 4’ heels certainly, but they are embroidered silk ones with feminine style, and I’ve always got my stockings on underneath. That is how I feel sexy and elegant, and once upon a time, women behaved like this without a second thought. The casual look is not for me, and I do not get sucked into the latest trends of anything, preferring a vintage and classic look of timeless elegance instead. (Blue nail polish, biker jackets on women with hemlines so high you can see their bums and trout pout Kardashian lips are utterly repugnant to me)

London Privé: What sports are you into?

A) I am not at all into sports, watching or participating. I stick to yoga, swimming and indulging in Tango classes once in a while.

London Privé: You have an option to be taken at Opera or Viewing art, or you might have something more entertaining to do?

A) This is where I excel. I already frequent both and other higher culture activities so not only will I enjoy it with gentlemen kind enough to take me, but I know the difference between Puccini and Verdi and can appreciate art from Renaissance to Impressionist.

London Privé: Where is an exceptional place to be taken by your companion in London?

A) That is entirely dependent on his tastes. My experience has encouraged me to suggest anything from calm and quiet fine dining to an extravagant evening at the Burlesque or Cabaret clubs dotted around the city. I have lots of ideas and would see what he was in the mood for, everyone is different.

London Privé: Perfume what is your favourite?

A) Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

London Privé: What is your ideal date situation? Restaurant, business trip, dinner date or maybe quick passionate encounter with the client?

A) Passion is the perk of this job, but I enjoy the build up just as much. The flirtatious dinners and exploring each other's adventurousness through conversation. My ideal date will always include more time together, whether a Dinner Date or an extended encounter overseas trip. I can thrill my clientele if an hour is enough that they will become instant regulars to my charms, but I’m suited for more extended encounters.

London Privé: Do you speak more than one language?

A) English is, of course, my native language, but I am taking French lessons to enhance my abilities with it. My education is in History and Literature, and I was always far more interested in learning ancient languages as a result, but apparently, that's not much help in the world outside of a specialist subject circle.

London Privé: There are some great events going in the UK what would you like to go and see together with your date?

A) I don’t travel outside of London for work unless it involves boarding a plane. London has plenty to offer in Higher Culture, so anything involving such would be perfect for my tastes. Ballet, Opera, Symphony and Theatre tickets are guaranteed to make me swoon.

London Privé: How are you going to set the atmosphere for the perfect night for him?

A) By never forgetting that I am his Luxury treat and so should aim to beguile and entice him, seduce and impress him with everything from setting (if its an incall), an appearance from my styled hair to manicured toes, and countenance from flirtation to sexual skillset.

London Privé: You have a weekend away with the client, how would you ideally spend it?

A) I’m an introvert, so I do like a few hours by myself, usually to read, and since my gentlemen are mostly businessmen, even on a trip away, they need time to wrap a few things up at work, so I utilise this time cleverly. Apart from that, I enjoy seeing new sights so if there is a museum, gallery or famous monument somewhere close I will be aching to see it. Also, one of the best things about international travel is authentic cuisine. In your multicultural city, you can always find the tastes from around the world to sample, but there's nothing like real Italian in Italy or true French in France. Perfect. I also try not to overwhelm my gentleman with private delights, but I’m a passionate woman and will mostly want him all to myself behind closed doors xx

London Privé: What magic do you hold in your wardrobe?

A) Mostly elegant and sexy, classic and french-chic clothing, from lingerie to coats I try to keep it sophisticated yet sexy. I like role-play scenarios and have a few perfect requested costumes as a result. French maid, air hostess/pilot, schoolgirl/cheerleader, headmistress, nun, little red riding hood, princess Leia golden bikini and I’m willing to satisfy a particular one that I’ve yet to attain for a specific request.

London Privé: What is your favourite piece of lingerie? Why?

A) So far my favourite piece is an all-purpose piece, due to differentiation in tastes, it's difficult sometimes to discern from a first meeting if he’s a black lace or a cream silk sort of a man. So it's my go-to Coco de Mer golden silk and lace suspender belt lingerie set with matching short kimono style lace robe. Its delicate enough not to scare off a man who prefers softer colours and lines yet sexy sufficient in the style that it caters to a more intense and provocative taste too. Then after this first meeting, I will have asked him about his tastes and made a note so I can better please in future.

London Privé: Are massages part of the service? Please state which type of massage you provide, traditional, Nuru Massage or Erotic Massage?

A) Yes, absolutely. The key to each of my encounters is relaxation and stress release, so to think its all about getting naked and going to a porn star is hugely wrong. I am trained in Aromatherapy Swedish massage and have an array of oils, of course, both scented and unscented, with everything from a calming effect to a warming oil for the muscles. I also was taught, in a private session from a specialist, how to perform a proper lingham and prostate massage. You need to not only have the right toys and tools for this, but the right skills to not cause any damage and ease in a beginner or satisfy a pro.