Harrison, Privé’s exclusive mature Male Escort in London was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions we had for him. To us it is important to give prospective clients the chance to get to know the Escort before arranging a date. So here is a little more about Harrison. Enjoy the read, and in case you still have questions please get in touch with us. Our receptionists are delighted to help. If you wish to meet Harrison for a private date let us know - he is available all year round and would love to meet you.

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Why Escorting and how did you get into the industry?

Been modelling for many years, always wanted to be an escort so decided to do it, never looked back.

What do you enjoy most about the Escort Industry?

Meeting new people, getting to know them, making them feel great, happy and sexy and ultimately, satisfied....

What is your most memorable date you’ve ever had?

Role play booking in a very high class hotel in London, married couple, the gentleman booked me for his wife, she was told I was a work colleague, we all had a very enjoyable evening and night..

What do you most enjoy about London?

The excitement and life there.

What is your favourite Hotel in London and Why?

St. Pancras Hotel, luxury and wonderfully restored.

What is your favourite Restaurant in London?

Several, good quality steak houses, preferably Argentinian.

What would be the perfect dentition to travel with a client?

London in the UK, Singapore in the Far East, Buenos Aires in South America.

What is your favourite drink?

Red wine, Malbec.

How do you keep fit?

Running, swimming, hill walking, roller blading.

What is your favourite piece of lingerie?

Love ladies in great fitting pants and bra set, suspenders and stocking.

What is your kinkiest fantasy?

Being tied up and let the lady have complete control of her pleasure... have experienced it a several times...heaven!