London Privé exclusive interview with Eastern European escort Mika.

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London Privé:  Why Escorting and how did you get into the industry?

Mika: I heard from some girlfriends which they were in the industry and sounded like a totally new experience. 

London Privé What do you enjoy most about the Escort Industry? 

Mika: Being a people person I love to meet really interesting people plus as a bonus I get to go to really nice places. 

 London Privé: What do you most enjoy about London? 

Mika: London is such an interesting place and I really like people and the culture. 

 London Privé: What is your favourite Hotel in London and why? 

 Mika: I really like Mayfair plus the hotels around Park Lane in London, one of my favourite must be Brown’s Hotel, it is really sophisticated and glamorous. Plus it has fantastic spa.

London Privé: What is your favourite Restaurant in London? 

Mika: I’ve been in to many so is hard for me to choose, off the top of my head, I like Hakkasan, it offers great cocktails and fantastic Chinese cuisine.

London Privé: What is your favourite drink?

Mika:  Red wine or rose champagne i also drink a bit of whisky especially the one fromjohnny walker with Tennessee honey. 

London Privé How do you keep fit? 

Mika:  I take care with what I am eating and sometimes I go jogging in Hyde park. I think I take after my parents when it comes to fitness. 

London Privé: Are you new to the industry or are you more experienced?

Mika: I have been doing escorting since I have been in London and i know how to deal with the clients and give them a great experience.

London Privé: What do you have offer that is different to everyone else? 
Mika: Something people really love and comment about is how much I smile. I am very understanding as well and very easy to have a conversation with.

London Privé: What sports are you into?
Mika: In the summer I like to swim a lot and i like also like to jog.

London Privé: Would you like an evening at Opera or Viewing art?

Mika: I like them both same.

London Privé: Where is a really special place to take your date in London?
Mika: Maybe to a show at Royal Albert hall.