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If you are looking for a fantastic event to attend in London today or in the coming months keep reading to find out what they are. A range of exclusive events around London put together with loads of great places to visit will have your social calendar packed. If you are new to London or just want to know what’s going on we will guide you. We will uncover a treasure trove of luxury brands, cultural events, and famous places in the city. We will also reveal some VIP events going on and so much more.

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Adobestock145023jpeg Royal Ascot Horse Racing Weekend 2016

The Royal Ascot is one of the most anticipated horse races in the world taking place in London between June 14th-18th, 2016.

Adobestock83857417jpeg The Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London 2016

Wimbledon is one of the most highly anticipated events happening in London between June 27th and July 10th.

Adobestock65253573jpeg Come Visit the Gay Pride March and Parade of London 2016

Prepare for pure bliss at the Gay Pride March and Parade of London 2016 festival held in SoHo from June 10-26th.

Adobestock85524856jpeg The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall in London. Find all about the one of the most luxurious performance stage in the world.

Adobestock81778937jpeg The Cancer Research UK Boat Races 2016 (The London boat race)

The London Boat Race renamed The Cancer Research UK Boat Races takes part on 27th March 2016 learn more by reading our magazine

Adobestock16572998jpeg London Fashion week February 2016

Giant marquees, catwalks what could it be? None other than London fashion week 2016. Kicking off today in style. This event delivers some of the best of fashion from around the Globe. London is among the top...