Saint-Tropez is a small coastal town on the southeast corner of France recognised for its highly attractive nightlife, smooth white sandy beaches, full-access beach clubs, and luxurious super sports cars.

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Saint-Tropez is a small coastal town tucked in the southeast corner of France in the Mediterranean Sea on the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur). Internationally known for a hot destination of pristine long white sandy beaches, energetic nightlife, and pleasantly mild climate for becoming the ultimate beach bum, this town sends sparks flying for those wanting the perfect girlfriend experience in Saint-Tropez while relaxing on comfortable beaches and enjoying perfect weather. Started as a small fishing village and now a playground for the rich and famous; A-list celebrities, models and millionaires who travel thousands of miles for a taste of glamour and sophistication, Saint-Tropez exploded into the limelight thanks to a film called, “And God Created Woman”. This 1950’s sexy film garnered international attention putting Saint-Tropez’s natural beauty in the spotlight, making it a likeable destination that your Male and Female Companion will come to appreciate. You will discover what makes Saint-Tropez ticks as a desirable destination for you and your exclusive Luxury Holiday Escort!

Exclusive Nightlife in Saint-Tropez to Enjoy with Your Companion

Saint-Tropez has an active nightlife, attracting millions of young hedonistic revellers dancing the nights away till the wee hours of the mornings in high-class bars and pumped-up nightclubs. Some popular entertainment venues to bring your Brazilian Escort or British Escort in Saint-Tropez are:

VIP Room - A series of colourful strobe lights swirling around the energetic electronic music blasting in the atmosphere for party people dancing on top of bars passing firework drinks while anticipating which celebrity will show up next is the obvious reason why this is one of the best clubs in Saint-Tropez!

Papagayo - This is the best Hollywood club full of famous stars partying among luxury, stylish people, and high-end clientele enjoying great views of the harbour. You and your escort would fit in perfectly with these types of people.

Les Caves du Roy  - This refined bar has DJ’s spinning the hottest records all night long, attracting stars and party-goers dancing among a series of ornaments posted on exotic dance floors doused in fun, brilliant beautiful colours. You escort will love to express themselves when getting loose on the dance floor before going to back to your luxurious hotel room for a conclusive evening.

High Class and VIP Beaches to Relax At with Your Exclusive Companion

Pampelonne Beach has gone strong since 1955 attracting tens of thousands of people per day to its lively, rich atmosphere, making it the best beach spot in Saint-Tropez. You and your escort belong here.

Nikki Beach is on Pampelonne where the party never stops offering a variety of outdoor spa treatments, carefully crafted foods, and a large heated outdoor swimming pool near the sea. Watching your escort swim while sipping an umbrella drink is the best feeling in the world!

The Kon Tiki Resort near Pampelonne has some of the best forms of entertainment to enjoy, including the Kon Tiki Beach Club, waterfront tennis, and restaurant eating. A well-rounded VIP escort is the perfect companion for this because she/he knows exactly how to carry themselves in a sophisticated setting.

The Le Club 55 beach club attract people from the highest levels of society such as celebrities, businessmen, and politicians. You can apply for an early summer table to make things go smoothly when you and your escort finally get there. Lounging around dining on the best food, drinking the best of wines while watching the beautiful yachts sail by and enjoying live DJ’s that make your trip better when planned in advance is the best place that caters to a Party Saint-Tropez Companion.

Tahiti Beach on Pampelonne is an older private beach club for laid back people in a tranquil environment of sun loungers, deck chairs, and beach umbrellas. Some water sports to enjoy are jet skiing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and boating. This beach will bring out the fun in your escort with smiles of acceptance and fun. Just imagine the sexiness when water drips from their body looking so scrumptious and delicious while riding a jet ski.

Escalet Beach is off the beaten path for snorkelling in the shallow turquoise water on top of beautiful rocks. This beach is perfect for having a one-on-one time with your favourite escort.

Luxury Yachting Fun with Your Companion in Saint-Tropez

Most of Saint-Tropez’s fun activities happen near the water, which is why yachting is so popular. From the small mom-and-pop yachts to the larger ones with helicopter pads, Saint-Tropez is the premier place to have a group party with your water bound toys. Sleek mega yachts sailing in front of bars, restaurants and cafes lined on the Quai Jean Suares waterfront coast and the Vieux Port (Old Port), provide great entertainment for your personal friends, business associates, or extra Travel Companions you want to hire. The Voiles de Saint-Tropez yacht competition happens every first week of October featuring sailing, regattas and yacht performances-the best in the world. The exclusive invite-only La Grande Classe is for the best classic yachts coming together for English regattas scattered across the ocean. If you want to rent a yacht for a group party, then take a look at

Eating Good in Saint-Tropez

Food is a vital part of life, giving sustenance that satisfies your taste buds, creating a fun social atmosphere that helps break the ice with your escort. Dining in Saint-Tropez will expose you to many cultural restaurants offering international, French, Mediterranean and European cuisines with delectable treats at some of the best restaurants in the world. Your escort will automatically know the proper eating etiquette. Some high-class restaurants are Club 55, Le Girelier, Les Viviers Du Pilon, La Pomme de Pin, and Plage L'orangerie.

Saint-Tropez was a fishing village, so this source of protein is widely available at different restaurants. Some seafood found around town are Lobsters, Shrimps, Blackfin Tuna, Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish), Grouper, Marlin, and Red Snapper. Your VIP Companion will love trying different types of fish if they haven't already. You can hire a chartered boat in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for fishing expeditions to keep you and your escort healthy, happy, and fit.

Booking Our Exclusive Companion for Your Fun Saint-Tropez Trip

Having the most fun in Saint-Tropez will only happen when booking an escort on our exclusive website by clicking International Companions or Book Online to complete the process. This small town is a fun place with plenty of entertainment options available for you and your escort to enjoy. If you’re searching for that ultimate sunny, beach-filled destination of sports cars revving and all-night clubbing non stop, then you’ve found it in the magical holiday destination of Saint-Tropez. Our exclusive VIP concierge service package will help get your escort to you for the best fun on this memorable trip!