Keep coming across fake Chinese Escorts in London? Learn how to spot fake websites with fake Escort Chinese profiles and pictures for profit.

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From our experience, Chinese business practices in the escort industry are simply shameless. We, Privé, had our very own fair share over the years. We had so-called “Chinese Escort Agencies” copying our content, not even bothering rephrasing the sentences. The latest example is “” who went as far as copying part of the design. Not to worry, we have changed our layout and content for the better since that incident. And yes, 51 Escorts London is posting fake profiles only.

Today I googled for “Chinese Escorts in London”, just to see if the business practices may have changed over the past few months since I last searched for this particular key term. Unfortunately, it has not. Here are the first few results that come up when searching for “Chinese Escorts in London” - we refer to it as the wall of shame:

London Dolls:

Berkeley Asian Girls:

Young Asian Escorts:

Angel Escorts Of London:

Oriental Idols:

Rose Escorts:

Asian Dolls:

Escorts Actually:

Asian Escorts Mayfair:

Each single Agency site that ranks on the first page of is full with fake profiles of Chinese Escort girls. Of course, it is easy to tempt potential clients to make a call when displaying the pictures of doll-like Chinese girls that were taken from some random Chinese website. Yes, in most cases the ladies portrait on the profiles are actresses, singers or models from Taiwan and China. I do not mean to spoil the party, but this must be said. It is seamless to trick clients to an Escorts place under false pretences. Many gentlemen are disappointed and in most cases avoid the agency. However, the number of victims is endless Once the agency is infamous for its fake pictures and suffers a bad reputation, a new agency is opened with the same faked profiles, just under a different name and surpassingly different management.

I am not sure if I speak for every other agency and independent Escort out there, who are trying hard to provide a great and fair service to their clients. We, at Privé, think that this kind of Agencies harm the industry. They are motivated by laziness and pure greed. For those who have been with us know that all our Escorts are real, and the pictures are recent and genuine. We get asked many times by new clients who haven’t yet had the pleasure of our services if they get to see the lady in the pictures. Many of them fell for these type of fake Asian Escort agencies and are, understandably, distrustful. Let us assure you, we do have a strict no-fake policy.

Gentleman, there are many great agencies in London who are genuinely interested in providing a fair and honest service. Agencies and independent companions who care about their clients and would not want to be ever compared to these dodgy and mafia-like Chinese Escort Agencies. If you enjoy the company of beautiful Asian and oriental girls, settle for trusted agencies, those who do not post doll like pictures of girls that are obviously fake. The problem is that most Chinese and Korean girls do not want their pictures to be posted online, which is understandable. So if you are looking for a Chinese or Korean Escort ask for recommendations by people and agencies you trust. They might know Chinese Escorts who provide a great service, who are pretty and love to spend time with their clients.

And here a great way to verify if a profile is genuine or fake. Use tineye - a reverse image search engine. Upload the picture you saw on the Chinese Agency website and see where they have stolen the picture from. In many cases, you will end up on some Chinese porn site, a Fashion site, or actress profile. It is a great way to avoid disappointment.

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I hope this helps - and have a good time with your oriental beauty who deserves your attention and company!

Lots of love,

Chloë xx