What is Prostate Massage and why to enjoy it with Female Escorts in London 

 Learning about sexuality is equally important as growing, improving in life and learning about new things. Sometimes just about when you would think that your full sexual potential is fulfilled and you have experienced top of sexual power, you might find out something new that will totally blow your mind.  Prostate massage is something that you might have read on the internet or heard from your friend, or in fact, you have been practising it for a while.  You might be curious and would like to try it out? 

To make sure that Prostate Stimulation is practised in the right way you should hire experienced prostate masseur, meeting specialised Prostate Massage Escort would guarantee fulfilling experience? Every man should experience the prostate stimulation at least once. In this rare instant, the pleasure and health benefits are combined together, prostate stimulation enjoyed trough prostate massage could be a new taboo to discover full of ultimate pleasure, however surprisingly at the same time, it holds a significant part in maintaining man sexual health. 

For the gentleman that don't know, the best part is that prostate massage might be just a new way of experiencing long lasting orgasms that usually only females get. The prostate is known as male P-spot, male version of female G-spot that ensures 35% stronger orgasm not possible to obtain only with external penis stimulation. 

So where is the male prostate and what are the benefits?

Man that are generally hesitant about prostate massage, should open their mind about this technique, as the male sexual organ is not just outside the male body, but reaches into the dark places where the sun never shines. 

A male prostate is a small couple of centimes big circular gland that produces semen. It is situated at the root of the penis just below the bladder, and the only way to reach it and feel it properly is with the insertion of a finger inside 3 - 5 centimetres in the rectum and feeling upwards. Now doing that yourself might be tricky, that is why having somebody else doing it for you instead would give you maximum benefits and pleasure. This massage practice has nothing to do with sexual orientation but simple with anatomy and natural position of the prostate in the body.  

Benefits of the Prostate stimulation are incredibly positive. During the massage, old semen that could potentially clog your prostate gland is released, and your prostate is purified. Semen build up in your prostate could cause infections and swellings, this type of massage will cleanse your vital sexual gland ensuring your maximum sexual health. Also, is medically proven that regular prostate massage reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, prostate cancer, increases semen fluid production and much more. 

Our experienced London female prostate masseur Escorts know what are they are doing.  Rest assured that you would be in the hands of professional that will take the difficult job of your hands and make you experience pure extasy. 

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