Unlike many Escort London Escort Agencies we have a purpose other than being a ruthless money generating entities. We decided to enter the - unfortunately – today rather “dodgy” and inscrutable market of Escorting in order to provide quality service to both, Client and Escort. There are Agencies around with the sole purpose of exploiting clients and in some if not most cases also Escorts. This has not only a legal implication but also a moral one. We wish that all participating parties are satisfied and happy.

Privé | Who we are

We are passionate of what we are doing!

At London Privé we are not interested in generating astronomical high profits, but in order to bring fresh air into the Escorting Business by actually having a purpose and justification for being in business. Almost every Agency calls itself a High Class Escort Agency these days - term has been abused for years. There is not much effort involved in putting the words up on a website - but it takes lots of effort to act like one. So see for yourself and experience the difference. With us you are in safe hands and we promise you an unforgettable experience.

What we deliver to the Clients:

If you are regularly visiting Escorts, how often did you end up with girl different to what was advertised ? Well, we aim to put this to an end. We understand that you invest a considerable amount of time and money to meet your dream Companion who – in your opinion – is worth the donation. The least we can do is being honest about our Service! We make sure that you get to see the Female Escort and Male Escort advertised and should we end up making a mistake – we try our very best to make it up to you.

You can remain confident that you meet eager independent London and International Escort who enjoy what they are doing. We do not list Models who have been forced into Escorting, Models who do this out of desperation and we do not and never will engage in Human Trafficking under any circumstances. We offer you the peace of mind – and assure you each Escort booked at London Privé is Independent. We do not control any schedule, working activities and have no influence on rate and services offered. Take a look at our Escort application pages for minimum criteria to join us - yes we are demanding.

What we expect from Clients:

We expect to treat every Model with the utmost respect and do not verbally nor physically attack them. Each model has his or her limits and these limits must be appreciated and respected. A client must not put the Escorts or their own health at risk. Lastly, a Models privacy must be respected – Escorts listed with London Privé must also respect your privacy.

What can our Escorts expect from us:

We are 24/7 there for all our listed Escorts and do our very best to protect them and provide them with the safety and comfort they deserve. All escorts appearing on our site are at least 18 years of age. All services offered by our International and London Escorts are for companionship only. Should anything else occur, it is on the strict understanding that it will be a matter of choice between two consenting adults. Escorts listed on this site do not offer any illegal or immoral services. Revenue generated is to cover necessary marketing , developing and administrative expenses.