Welcome our new Mature British Escort Marc, full of charm and with the lovable personality we are sure that he will make every women happy and exceed your expectations. Read through exclusive interview with our male companion Marc.

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Privé: Why Escorting and how did you get into the industry?

Marc: Well I did do a little escorting when I was younger. I enjoyed the buzz of it, to be honest, and were lucky enough to enjoy glamorous occasions. I have caring nature, so as well if I can make someone happy at the same time that will be very rewarding for myself.

Privé: What do you enjoy most about the Escort Industry?

Marc: Meeting the client needs and surpassing them. In turn making them feel wanted, special and happy. It's quite a unique profession, so if I can do that, I would make me triumphal. The excitement of it too, you never know what is waiting behind the door. Of course, the glamorous side of it is fantastic, if lucky to experience that side of things as well. And of course, the money is good which is a bonus.

Privé: What is your most memorable date you’ve ever had?

Marc: It was a date with one of my ex-girlfriends. We went to a very elegant restaurant in Winchester. Lovely food, great conversation and then we got extremely drunk. The rest I will leave.

Privé: What do you most enjoy about London?

Marc: The glamorous side of London I like the most and the history and the beauty of the city. I find it quite magical.The way people dress the variety of what the city brings. They are as so many excellent restaurants to choose from and different things to explore.

Privé: What is your favourite Hotel in London and why?

Marc: My favourite hotel is the Savoy because of its elegance and history and tradition and oozes class. I started to feel passion for it when I watched a documentary about the hotel when they renovated it and fell in love with it.

Prive: What is your favourite Restaurant in London?

Marc: Plum and Spilt Milk the top Kings Cross restaurant offering seasonal modern British food and Claridges Fera or Aulis that explores new dishes and cooking techniques with creative and natural touch on British Modern cosine, to name but two. But I could go on.

Privé: What is your favourite drink?

Marc: Rum and Coke.

Privé: How do you keep fit?

Marc: I like to run and cycle a lot, and love swimming. I'm currently training for the Bournemouth Marathon. Also, my job keeps me very active, so I'm in pretty good shape.

Privé: Are you new to the industry or are you more experienced? 

Marc: I've previously worked as an escort when I was younger. So think they would put me in good stead. I am very self-assured which I believe will help, as the majority of women like assured/ confident man, at times, may want to feel safe, if required I can be very articulate and eloquent. I am very loyal, and can offer security and discretion to the agency.

Privé: What do you have to offer that is different to everyone else?

Marc: I think I can provide my sense of personality. I'm a pretty likeable guy and think that would be imperative. As s result, that is why I have so many good friends. And I hope that I can make the women feel like she is the only special woman on the planet and hope my personality and actions will prove this.

I have my sense of style when it comes to the attire side of things, which is quite an elegant yet sophisticated look. I hope will encapsulate your agency. I am an extremely calm person in areas of my life, so I hope I can bring this into my escorting. I am also very adaptable and am very astute in recognising whether I need to change my personality to suit either a person or an occasion. With these qualities, I hope both the agency and myself can prosper together.

Privé: What is your favorite food?

Marc: Fine steak and chips.

Privé: How important is taking care of yourself? What do you do to maintain yourself handsome?

Marc: I believe care of yourself would play a fundamental role in my success. I like to keep very fit and pride myself on being very well groomed. I also like to eat healthily, so I am in the good shape both physically and mentally.

Privé: Suit may be great but what is your other clothing what do you like to wear for that perfect day?

Marc: My perfect attire would be to where one of servile row suites that I'm lucky enough to have at my disposal. To be honest makes me feel good, and in turn, I hope I could make the other person feel good as well.

I believe that is quite nice seeing someone in a well-tailored suit and would like to think that projects the right image and encapsulates the agency, helping promote and enhancing the reputation of the company. I do also like to dress trendy, a nice fitted shirt, pair of jeans with some cute loafers and could be accompanied by a fitted suit jacket.

Privé: What sports do you enjoy?

Marc: Football, swimming, running, cycling.

Privé: Client would like to take you to date at Theatre or viewing art, do you like that or you have other preferences?

Marc: I would enjoy all of the above. But if I had a presence it would be going to an elegant restaurant enjoying good conversation and good wine.

Privé: Where is a particular place you would like your companion to take you in London?

Marc: I would love to visit the Savoy hotel.

Privé: Which Perfume what is your favorite?

Marc: Tom Ford. Noir.

Privé: What is your ideal situation? Overnight, dinner date or quick, passionate encounter with the client?

Marc: An overnight or dinner time would be a perfect situation.

Privé: Some great events are going on the UK what would you like to go and see with the client in the case that you are invited for overnight or to spend a day with?

Marc: Perhaps a film premiere in London, of maybe a new art exhibition; a day at the races of a fancy restaurant would all be very appealing.

Privé: How are you going to set the atmosphere for the perfect date night for her?

Marc: Firstly I would talk the person and try and understand what sort of personally they have. Give them some words of reassurance and try and make them feel as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible. I am a pretty warm friendly guy, so hopefully they would pick up on that and relax if they were nervous in any way.

Privé: You have a weekend away with a client, how would you ideally spend it?

Marc: Perhaps in a beautiful villa away aboard somewhere?! High up in the mountains, or by a beach. South of France appeals to me.

Privé: What is your favorite piece of lingerie? Why?

Marc: A classy matching black bra and knickers. Simple, elegant and classy.

Privé: Are massages part of the service?

Marc: I'm excellent with my hands, as I've been a builder for years, so they are very firm yet sensitive. I do like to give Indian Head massages and have been told they are exquisite.