Oxford Circus, the intersection of Regent Street and Oxford Street and every shopaholics heaven is also home to a selected number of fine female Escorts who a experts in helping men relax after a hard days work of carrying shopping bags from one shop to the other. Of course they welcome also sophisticated gentleman who enjoyed a drink after work with friends and colleagues and who are now ready to take off their shoes, lean back and relax their minds. There are plenty of great spots to have pre-party drinks such as the infamous Aqua Kyoto or the Wonder Bar at Oxford Street Located in Selfridges. Of course you can also ask your Oxford Circus Escort to come out for a drink and show you all the hidden gems in the area. Oxford Street and Oxford Circus are not only great when it comes to drinking and shopping, no it is also renowned for the great restaurants that have made this beautiful place within the city their home. You will find everything, from Oriental Kitchen all they way to cuisine from central Europe. This also makes it the perfect place to take your Escort out for dinner. You can go from Oxford Circus and dive into the luxurious world of Mayfair where you find a number of great hotels and restaurants to spoil your companion. Near Oxford Circus and Mayfair you will most likely find only VIP Escorts, the crème de la crème, who always dresses immaculate and to impress. Real head turners who love to wear expensive shoes, only the most exquisite hosiery from names such as Venenziana Dalia or Le Bourget Lutecia. Stockings to make their already perfect legs look sexier than ever. Of course, our Escorts by Oxford Circus will finish off their perfect looks with a matching evening and cocktail dress to emphasis the beauty of their perfect bodies. Rest assured, people will envy for walking down the streets with the perfect lady, hand in hand, walking her home from the restaurant to their apartment by Oxford Circus or your hotel in central London. If you have any questions regarding our wonderful ladies, give us a ring and we answer all your questions.

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