Exclusive escort interview with one and only Universal Escort in London that puts in the meeting extraordinary effort to make you feel at ease and goes beyond expectations.

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London Privé: Why escorting and how did you get into the industry?

Pier: I started in Italy; a friend of mine worked in the industry and told me how he had traveled all over the world. He asked if I would make a session with him. He explained how to please the customer and how to provide excellent service. Because I was pretty intimate with him, I decided to accept and continue on. During my “normal life” Whenever I had free time, I was invited to visit other customers where I saw behind the curtain and learned about the fetish and fantasy scene. By that time I had decided to become an escort.

London Privé: What do you enjoy most about the Escort industry?

Pier: I enjoy partying, having fun, drinking, giving and receiving pleasure, having fun with men or women, depending on the request they have different ways of making love.

London Privé: What was your most memorable date you’ve ever had with client?

Pier: When I was called from a proposed client in Dubai and he asked if I could fly out the next day. I the time I had never been there, so I was confused about the visa. I wasn’t even sure if I could trust him. So I asked if he could pay for the flight. He just asked for my name to buy the ticket, so I agreed to go. When I arrived I received a very warm welcome at a 5 star hotel. The customer was very caring when I arrived in this new country and we spent a wonderful day together. 

London Privé: What do you enjoy most about London?

Pier: I like that London is a cosmopolitan city where you can find anything you want! There is always something to do every day. They have restaurants from different cultures, clubs with different types of music, so you can find what you like. The weather  changes all the time, but the good part about that is that you get to wear the fashions from all the seasons. I also like that the people never sleep.

London Privé: What is your favourite hotel in London?

Pier: I have a few favourites, Bulgary hotel, The Berkley, Baglioni, etc. But if I had to choose the best out of those, it would definitely be The Berkeley because they have the most space in their rooms, great room service and the receptionists are always kind.

London Privé: What is your favorite food? Do you enjoy English, French, do you like spicy food?

Pier: I prefer English. Unfortunately I don’t like spicy food; I guess I’m a weird Italian.

London Privé: What is your favourite Restaurant in London ?

Pier: For gourmet food it would be Zuma, The Shard, and Novikov.

London Privé; What is your favourite drink?

Pier: Martini.

London Privé: How do you keep fit?

Pier: I run, make sure I eat a lot of proteins and go to the gym at least 3 times a week.

London Privé: Are you new to the industry or are you more experienced?

Pier: I have 2 years’ experience in the industry. I have met different people, worked with couples, females, transsexuals, or by myself. I always make sure my service is memorable from the beginning to end. It doesn’t matter if I have known the person or are meeting them for the first time. If the customer wants to stay longer for something additional, I will please him or her because I want to make sure we don’t miss anything. I create a perfect atmosphere; with drinks, champagne, wines, perfect music, dressing up. We can have a naughty night or more romantic like Valentine’s day.

London Privé: What do you have to offer that is different from everyone else?

Pier: I have bondage equipment at home; including electric play. I am always safe though. It is a very large business in Germany and is also growing in the UK. There are even a few places in London that have a dungeon. So let’s make love in my home.

London Privé: How Important is taking care of yourself? How do you maintain your good looks?

Pier: It is very important. I try to eat healthy, I drink natural juice. I have sex every morning, plus I go to the gym. I also use cosmetic products in the morning and before bed. I try and take as much care of myself as I can to try and stay young. 

London Prive: Suits are great, but what other clothing do you like to wear for that perfect day?

Pier: I always like to look perfect, so I do like wearing suits and depending on where I go, I take different ideas from the latest fashion.

London Prive: What sports are you into?

Pier: I do like the gym a lot, I like watching my body getting fit. I also like swimming.

London Prive: Where is a really special place to go with your companion?

Pier: When it’s sunny and warm out, I enjoy going to the park the most. It’s so peaceful laying on the grass with your lover, talking or playing. 

London Privé: Perfume or cologne? Which is your favorite?

Pier: I like perfumes Chanel; Armani limited collection, Dior and Roja.

London Privé: Do you speak any other languages?

Pier: I am Italian. But I can also speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

London Privé: How do you set the atmosphere for the perfect night with him or her?

Pier: I would light candles, pour the right drink. Just make everything warm and cozy.

London Privé: If you have a weekend break date, ideally how would you spend it with client?

Pier: I like to travel, all around Europe. From London you can get on a flight and in 2-3 hours be in another country. I also enjoy skiing.

London Privé: Are massages part of the service? And if so, what type of massage do you provide; Traditional massage or  maybe Nuru massage?

Pier: I provide erotic massage and body to body massage.