London Privé does list of sophisticated Male and Female travel companions that are ready to accompany you to major cities such as Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin and Tokyo. With London Prive, the companionship is for time only, each of these ladies and gentleman would love to join you on your business or leisure worldwide travel.

Click on the region you wish to travel below and view all International Escorts who are great companions and willing to travel there with you. Note that some regions within the regions below are not covered, however once you submitted the details you can discuss with our skilfull receptionist. Note that you will be responsible for all travel costs incurred and you are required to have a detailed travel plan in advance so we know at all time where the Lady or Gentleman who accompanies you is located.

We offer exclusivity and we understand that confidentiality matters, be it going on the yacht trip, private jet flight or exclusive holiday destination. We are highly selective to assure that your experience is unforgettable. So if you are planning trip abroad you might wish to take a look at London Prive. If you are in need of an exciting and beautiful International companion who will make your trip long lasting and beautiful memory, there is no better place to select female or male travel partner, then here with us. We hope that you will enjoy portfolio of Female escorts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly receptionist or member of our staff.

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