United Arab Emirates High-End Travel Companion, To Join You In The Desert-Filled Middle East

If you already live in the Middle East, then you are indeed rewarded because you already know how much lavishness exists in the United Arab Emirates. Since you have visited London Privé website, you are now one step closer to getting Exclusive companionship with the upscale Escort Agency in the land of desert and breathtaking beauty.

Trustworthy Elite Middle Eastern Companions featured on this page are always high-class, representing the best of high-end luxury and elegance, and, most importantly, very understanding and respectful of your culture. Below is a list of VIP Middle East Travel Companions who can join you for international travel or direct meeting in the land of romance and affection in the UAE. Our specialised and personalised VIP Concierge Service will help arrange travel of your chosen beauty to different Middle Eastern destinations of your choice, so contact us for more information.

Deluxe Dubai International Companions

So much money floats around the United Arab Emirates that thousands of high-end cars are available for your pleasure if you are a car enthusiast, then Apex Luxury and Exotic Cars have luxury supercar rentals available.

However, if you prefer to slow things down a bit and explore the natural desert landscape of the Middle East, then there are private safaris accompanying you in Mercedes G-Wagon with Dubai Private Tour and Platinum Heritage, for a view of native wildlife, sand dunes, flora and fauna.

Taking to the sky might be a better option for you, so Seawings offer seaplane tours above Dubai for a bird’s eye view of the most expensive hotel in the world; Burj Al Arab Hotel. This five-star Palace redefines a meaning of luxury, having a private helicopter pad, ornaments enhanced with Arabian gold and luxury marble furnishings everywhere.

Maybe you wish to explore the water on luxury cruises around the Arabian Gulf with assistance of five-star yacht charter company Eden Yachting, featuring the best fleet in the Middle East. If you love open-air sports, then a must to visit for the day is Emirates Golf Course, which hosts international golfing events catering to a selective clientele and iconic golf players.

For equestrian enthusiasts, Dubai World Cup horse racing event happens every March, featuring jockeys and their stallions racing toward a $1 million prize. Getaway to the five-star Bab Al Shams resort to enjoy belly dancers and romance galore with Dubai Travel Companions. Glitz and glamour are the average standards in Dubai where you can create unique and memorable experiences with your Dubai Elite Travel Girl.

Abu Dhabi Arabian Desert Adventures with International Arab Escorts

Abu Dhabi has opulence and splendour, possessing a similar lifestyle to Western culture. It is very ‘green’ in a sense - environmentally friendly - and has come a long way from its humble fishing village beginnings. The Arabian Nights Village is the best desert resort you can find in this part of the world. A close-knit village in the middle of a glowing, golden-brown desert is positioned perfectly for an intimate romantic affair.

Al Maha Desert Resort offers authentic sensual romance and camel treks across the Liwa Oasis sand dunes to connect better with your Abu Dhabi International Companion. If you want to see what makes Abu Dhabi one of the fastest growing cities in the world, visit the 74th-floor Observation Deck in Jumeirah at Etihad Towers for a view into opulent wealth stretching for miles. What experience is the annual F1 Grand Prix, repeated every March, designed for the ones that love speed and offers an exhilarating occurrence of open-wheel racing. Looking for Gran Prix Escort? London Privé is the right place to find a lady of your calibre.

Close by is Emirates Palace, a unique seven-star hotel where 24-carat gold leaves are sprinkled randomly around the hotel and ATMs dispenses them as well. The hotel has their private beach near the Marina for ecstatic views of the Grand Prix racing events, and nearby Dhabi Islands is where private white sandy beaches provide fun and enjoyment.

The following countries are part of Middle East, and these are the countries you can travel to with the beautiful and seductive travel companions below. Destinations include United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen

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