Refined South Africa Travel Companions For An International Safari Travel Date

The Jewel of Africa has come a long way for the wealthy. Expect a real hidden treasure that many neglects to acknowledge and a strong economy that created multimillionaires and billionaires who love to share a high standard of living, specifically in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Book a South Africa Travel Companion by your side for a safari date in style. Deluxe Travel Companions featured on London Prive are the best in the industry for companionship to join you in the style during your travel to South Africa or even if you live there and you wish for Exclusive Companionship delivered right at your doorstep. Contact us to help wherever you are by using our exclusive concierge service.

Cape Town provides luxury living for idyllic coastal escapes, including the Oyster Box Hotel that takes opulence to new levels. Executive Royal suites overlook the glistening Indian Ocean and have full white and cream bed canopies that will shelter romantic events. Moreover, the hotel is the perfect place to set up a luxury safari to explore the local wilderness up close and personal. Blue Train Service From Johannesburg to Cape Town Place For South Africa Travel Companions and Nature Enthusiasts

Elite travellers might prefer the old classic and luxurious Blue Train from Pretoria to Cape Town. Luxury accommodations are available with the service as the trains ride through some of the most spectacular sceneries, pristine nature, and superior vineyards producing quality wine South Africa has to offer. Waterfalls shower the landscape, and a barren desert is where unique flora and fauna and animals thrive in the South African bush from Manyeleti Game Reserve to Ngala Private Game Reserve. Expect dedicated butlers to provide a full luxury service to the honeymoon suites for couples who prefer complimentary champagne, on board shopping and excellent cuisine.

South Africa is the primary place for nature enthusiasts who have a love for animals and raw nature because it offers dazzling landscapes with teeming ecosystems and a variety of rare and exotic wildlife, including 9500 different types of wildflowers growing impressively around the unique geological formations. Not only are luxury mansions for sale in South Africa, but castles on cliffs for are awaiting your presence, and wine estates for on-demand tasting events where you will drink in style. Sotheby’s International Realty will make this magic happen. South African billionaires typically spend their time in the Seeff Property Services in Bishopscourt for luxury estates with 'his and hers' dressing room for you and South African International Travel Companion. Five en-suite bedrooms spaces for a lot of naughty adventures in style. Do not worry, Cape Town Travel Girls & Johannesburg Gigolo Boys will know how to conduct themselves properly in front of your peers, always. Moreover, a wine cellar is available at the property for tasting rare varieties and 10-bay garage for your supercars if you already live in South Africa and truly desire a South Africa International Companion to come to your private residence or exclusive hotel.

Luxury Safaris With Cape Town & Johannesburg Courtesans

The “Big Five” beasts: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos are the exotic animals that you can observe in their natural habitat on the northeastern tip of South Africa at the world-famous Kruger National Park, perfect for safaris with Royal Malewane. This company offers comfortable and classic plush rooms for a romantic evening among nature and an exclusive spa experience for pampering yourself after a long day in the bush with wildlife expert guides and professional trackers who will bring you up close and personal with wildlife. Kruger National Park is the oldest national park in the world where rare species have no shame battling it out in front of your eyes.

South Africa Travel Companions For An Experience Of Supreme Companionship Only

Travel to Southern Africa with Male or Female Travel Companion by your side. London Privé travel companions are specially selected to suit any occasion, well mannered, very opened minded and fun to be with. Moreover, they are nature enthusiasts like yourself and would love to spend romantic hot days under the African sun. Plan your travel in advance and choose your perfect companion for a hot date in Southern Africa with Deluxe Courtesans and VIP Hot Gigolos to share time within one of the most exciting places on the planet; South Africa.

The following countries are part of Southern Africa, and these are the countries you can travel to with the beautiful and seductive travel companions below. Destinations include Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, and South Africa

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