Opulently Rich Melanesia Culture For High-End Travelers and Natural Hedonists

Melanesia people stay true to their core traditions by always practising their cultural values dating back thousands of years. Hunting and grilling fish outdoors from the ocean for organic cuisines. They have a tradition of creating handcrafted items like beads, baskets, and furniture. Sit back and relax with your Melanesia VIP Companion while enjoying a real melting pot of individuals from different cultures.

The South Pacific Melanesia islands offer year round tropical weather and high humidity, so make sure that South Pacific Travel Companion brings the sexiest outfit they can find to entice you. Comprising of New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Papua, Fiji and Vanuatu, the islands that are most popular are Fiji and Solomon Islands. For a high-class man or elite woman like yourself, you have the option to explore a culturally rich nation with an Exclusive Travel Companion.

Colourful Fiji Activities That Will Leave You Spellbound

Fiji is a playground for the rich and famous because it is so culturally versatile and has resorts that exclusively cater to elite guests. Choosing Fiji as a travel destination is popular, so there are plenty of hotels with romance-themed suites and villas featuring rose petals paths, champagne on the rocks, and scented candles to lighten the mood. Yasawa Island Resort and Spa is the ideal romantic getaway because it offers every luxury amenity to make your stay better, and since Fiji has the healthiest reefs in the world, you can reserve snorkelling tours in and around Beqa Lagoon among tropical fish and colourful marine life performing at its best. Nearby at the Beja Marine Resort are beachfront properties that open up to the ocean. Making Memories Charter Boats have 44'' custom catamaran private yachts to cruise around the Rainbow Reef and Lucile Island surrounded in endless jungles and white sandy beaches. Billionaire tycoon Dietrich Mateschitz owns this private island, and only celebrities and wealthy businesspeople can afford this hideaway in luxury among tropical rainforests and crystal blue water. Anais Photography is available to document your journey with high-resolution photos if you like being in front of the camera. If you booked a Gay Fiji Travel Companion, then there are many gay-friendly places, including Dive Kadavu Beach Resort and the Piano Bar for live jazz music that you both can groove to comfortably.

Solomon Islands International Travel Companions

The Solomon Islands have the best coral reefs in this part of the world, and unlike Fiji, where the beaches are soft, calming, and tranquil, Solomon Islands reefs are where the real action takes place. Barracudas, Parrotfish and other incredibly beautiful marine life coexist with each other. Expect tropical rainforests teeming with diverse wildlife, rugged mountains giving the island that powerfully majestic look, freshwater rivers that you could dive, catch, and eat directly from, and mangroves and coral reefs for a biologically diverse experience. Solomon Islands are in the 'coral triangle', which has the highest marine diversity on the planet, so the best of the best that marine nature offers is here. There are thousands of islands that make up the Solomon Islands, so Superyachts have chartered yachts available if you choose to explore further. Tavanipupu is a great resort getaway for romantic bungalows on the oceans.

Booking A Concierge Service For Melanesia Travel Companions

Bask in the comfortable tropical weather with Melanesia Exclusive International Deluxe Companion who will make your time in the South Pacific memorable. London Privé offers a concierge service to help bring your most refined Melanesia Companionship to the Pacific. Find out the availability of each Companion and sending us a message letting us know your plans for the travel adventure, and we will make arrangements for the Melanesia travel companions of your desire.

The following countries are part of Melanesia, and these are the countries you can travel to with the beautiful and seductive travel companions below. Destinations include Fiji Islands, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu

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