Delightful Southern European International Companionship With The Best International Escorts

Bring your European VIP Travel Companion to some of the best Southern Europe locations, including Spain, Italy, and Malta. Enjoy the erotic and bask in the exotic, while relaxing in comfortable weather with an Exclusive International Escort for a pleasurable holiday date that will complete your inner desire for romance. Experience quality international companions with London Privé, enjoy a day, weekend, or longer adventure at your discretion, that will exceed your expectations.

Italian Luxury Companionship From Milan All The Way To The Breathtaking Amalfi Coast with Supermodel Travel Companions

Italy is one of most important cultural and fashion centres in Southern Europe that demands the presence of the most Exquisite Model Companions in the world. With many luxury options in London Privé, you can adequately accommodate you and your high-end escorts. Milan is full of designer stores and excellent art galleries while Rome has many world-class Michelin star restaurants and five-star hotels for most prestigious stay in Italy with your Italian Exclusive Travel Companion.

Amalfi Coast is a popular destination oozing class and satisfying inner tranquillity with beautiful yachts sailing all along the Emerald green waters beside the rugged coastline. II San Pietro di Positano and Grand Hotel Il Saraceno Hotel are a few resorts that open up to Italian shores.

ExecutiveCruises offer speedboat services that can take you on tour around the island of Capri in true style. Sardinia is known as the “rich man’s playground,” for exquisite yachting to the best resorts including L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort, Villa del Parco Hotel and Spa Forte Village. Portofino is a small fishing village with lots of luxury, attracting a differentiating clientele which enjoys cruising luxury cars in a peaceful village of Portofino. Bring your Supermodel Travel Companion to Italy and enjoy that extra touch of luxury wherever you go with the lady or gentleman that will reflect your status and give you the High-End Companionship that you desire.

Spend A Relaxing Weekend In Spain With Your Exclusive London Travel Companion

Whether it is a relaxing weekend in the Canary Islands or a week stay at one of the many villas on the southeastern coast in Costa Del Sol, Spain has the full package; superior villas, inclusive resorts, and the best yacht charters. Yachting has always been such a fantastic sea activity for men and women who enjoy freedom and beauty of the ocean, Find your perfect Yacht Companion with London Prive to complement your Yachting Holliday on the Sea.

Costa Del Sol, Spain has the best golf resorts that attract PGA professionals who want to practice and improved swings on an elegant lawn playing field, Golfing VIP Companion might be the one you would like by your side. The spa options are widely available for unlimited pampering when shoulders become sore from golfing. Moreover, there are many lux bars nearby offering an exciting nightlife when it is time to really get ready for a party evening with a Spanish Luxury Companion. Atalaya Golf Course, Valle Romano Golf Resort, and the Marbella Golf Resort are some of the best in the area to enjoy with your Elite Travel Girl.

Majorca island has many five-star hotels overlooking the beach, where you can enjoy the fresh ocean breeze at the many VIP resorts including St Regis and Jumeriah. However, if you desire a bit more privacy, luxury, and space to have intimate fun, we recommend the MajorcanVillas websites have a list of villas for an exclusive private weekend. Yachting on the crystal clear, beautiful blue waters surrounding the island is a must, and the yearly King’s Cup sailing regatta and Royal Yacht Club are perfect for showboating in style.

Ibiza, only 197 km from Mallorca, has specialised regattas near the coast. Moreover, this party island has always been always a stopping point for celebrities yachting around the world through the Balearic Islands. Another real jewel is the Canary Islands where the Royal Garden Villa and Alabama Resort will truly revolutionise your stay.

The following countries are part of Southern Europe, and these are the countries you can travel to with the beautiful and seductive travel companions below. Destinations include Andorra, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Gibraltar, Greece, Croatia, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, San Marino, and Vatican (Holy See)

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