The Tower of London In Tower Hill

The Tower of London is an honorary UNESCO World Heritage site because of the grand military architecture that represents the former Norman power. Surprisingly, the tower is a complex of buildings, each with their personal significance. The White Tower is the oldest in the compound and the setting of a scene from William Shakespeare's King Richard III play. The Royal Armouries Museum display weaponry and armour used in early battles during the reign of William the Conqueror. Another significant tower is the Salt Tower, which was the gruesome site of executions at the Traitor’s Gate during the imperial era. Take a tour of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace with your elite escort to learn more.

The House of Jewels

On a lighter note, the Tower of London holds the most prominent Jewels House in the world located inside the Martin Tower consisting of over 32,000 jewels, crowns, and diamonds including the 800-years-old Coronation Spoon, 530-carat Sovereign's Sceptre, and 2,800 diamond crown of Queen Elizabeth’s Mother. Take a tour to see over £20 billion of jewellery on display. Can you say ‘bling bling’?

The Tower Bridge of London

The Tower Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city standing tall and hovering over the east side of the River Thames. There are over 40,000 vehicles that pass on it daily, and the bascules with hydraulics lifts will pull the bridge up at least 100 times a year for ships and yachts to pass by. The Tower Bridge Exhibition Centre is perfect for learning about the construction history from 1886.

Interesting Places To Visit Near The Tower

London Wall - The London Wall is a historic defence fortress for the Romans in 200 AD. It has an outdoor area where tourists and locals come to relax and socialise with each other, and across the street is the Grade I listed All Hallows By The Tower Church Grade from 675 AD. It is the site of Crypt Museum that holds valuable Roman and Saxon artefacts.

Trinity Square Gardens - Not far from the London Wall is 10 Trinity Square Gardens Memorial with names of those who died in war written in stone. Now the area is a quiet, serene, and tranquil place for you and your escort to have a nice picnic on the natural green grass while remembering those who fought and died for this great city.

St Katharine's Pier - The St Katharine's Pier on the northeast bank has ferries that will take you to different parts of London, including the Circular Cruise to Westminster and the Thames River ferry to Greenwich for a rejuvenating time with London escorts.

Tower Pier - The Tower Pier, on the north-west bank, has City Cruises to Waterloo and RB1 ferries to the London Eye, North Greenwich, Woolwich and Canary Wharf. This would be a great alternative to the crowded tube stations, so take things up a notch with the exhilarating Rocket Thames speed boat that sail and splashes on the river.

One Tower Bridge - This flat condominium complex is on the south bank with the best views of the Tower Bridge. The penthouse suites have three bedrooms costing about £3 million. Envision business transactions taking place every day from the suites near the entrance regularly frequenting the area. This is the most desirable real estate in London, so take a tour of your potential future flat that London escorts would love!

Mediaeval Banquet - This performance dinner theatre is on the north bank featuring minstrels, magicians, musicians, and battle shows from the mediaeval times. Everyone stays in high-quality character from the 12th to 16th century depicted by the way they act, dance, and dress. This place can become wild at times, so be ready for a visit with Playful Escorts wanting a banquet-style mediaeval dinner.

Alexander Miles Art Gallery - This contemporary art gallery in St Katherine’s Dock overlooks the River Thames on the north bank. They have a nude girl gallery of bronze sculptures, prints, vases, plates and bowls, and glassed animals that London male escorts will admire.

The best hotels near Tower Bridge

Royale Hotels Near Tower Hill - Although some of our clients like using the Premier Inn London Bank Hotel because of its location of the tower, it's excellent pricing and an overall general romantic feel that makes it a perfect place for a good night’s sleep. However, there are some five-star options to explore in the area as well.

The Grange City & Grange Tower Hotels - These five-star hotels have upscale chic rooms with flat-screen televisions for your viewing pleasures. A Bose sound system will fill the air with beautiful classical music setting the mood right for your arriving escort. The doorbell for the room is an elegant way to greet your escort inside this lodging masterpiece. When they arrive, take a dip in the palace pool and finish off inside the relaxing sauna/steam room. Maybe later you get a sensual massage from your escort girls or handsome gentlemen. This hotel has a 24-hour fitness centre with cardio machines for an anytime workout and no matter when your escort girls arrive, a 24-hour room service will bring delicious Mediterranean & Japanese food to you on call. You could also play their golf simulator to practise hitting a ball or two in a dark, warm hole.

Cheval Three Quays Hotel - This award-winning hotel has glass and steel balconies with grand opening views of the tower. Extend your arms and grasp the energy of the Tower of London’s magnificence like you are Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic, because, with our escort girls and gentlemen, life will go on. Expect a chic penthouse flat with a sleek, cutting-edge design of white lacquer furnishings, brown gold and beige palettes, and leather headboards. The rooms have full kitchens, separate living room areas, and wood flooring that provides plenty of space for many activities to take place in front of the oversized soundproof windows. The rainfall showerheads will have you dancing and singing in the rain, with a Bose sound system to crank up the Broadway musical by Gene Kelly. Some other amenities included are a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, coffee-making machine, and a safe to store your valuables.

Novotel London Tower Bridge - This four-star hotel has excellent designs with free WIFI for all your business dealings, and a tea and coffee-making machine to warm up your favourite picker-uppers in the morning. A nice gym with all kinds of cardio machines will help you break a sweat. Get a steam finish with a steam bath and sip your free bottled water given to you on arrival. The Keepers Bar & Lounge will keep your escort satisfied all day because they have delicious food with high-quality ingredients.

The Best Restaurants In Tower Hill

Le Pont De La Tour - This exquisite French restaurant awaits your great presence by preparing classics that you will fall in love with. The south bank is blessed with this 19th-century tea warehouse that won 2 AA Rosettes because of its excellent choices from the à la carte menu cooked by the finest chefs. Outside the window is the Tower Bridge in full effect, looking like the breathtaking, compelling landmark that it is. What is even better is the restaurant brings an al fresco dining experience to the elegant outdoor terrace. Immaculately dressed waiters will deliver smooth delights to the table along with a complimentary glass of champagne. This place is also a wine merchant with hundreds of different types to stock your cellar at your beautiful home. Listen to the smooth grooves of the background music playing under the lit candles reflecting the carved dark wood and gilding mirrors. The stylish grandiose art deco decoration alludes to a charming, romantic setting that is hard to find.

Restaurant Story - We all have a story, but Restaurant Story has a Michelin star fine dining experience for your escort to read into. Expect traditional British classics along with strong Nordic influences served across 6 to 10-course menu created by the impressive culinary expert Tom Sellers. Ring them early to place your reservations, so there is already a table ready for you to taste the finest locally sourced organic, seasonal produce and high-quality meats that ever hit your delectable palate. Enjoy a relaxing, romantic evening or afternoon meal in this small, quaint restaurant and try some cod roe, braised beef, fried or baked fish, and innovative dishes. The rapeseed oil lit candles bring a hypnotising aroma to the dining room experience.

CAU St Kats Dock - Carne Argentina Unica is where high-quality grass-fed beef will meet your escort’s lips. Who can resist the aroma of grilled steaks doused with superior herbs and spices? After booking your table in advance, your CAU boy or CAU girl will bring rib eye steaks to the table. Sit back on the comfy black and white plastic seats positioned towards the marina as you watch the ships sail by. Taste the best of Buenos Aires with some Italian touches and good wine.

Tom's Kitchen Katharine Docks - This neoclassical French-British Brasserie has picturesque views of the River Thames Marina. Every dish they cook is crafted to culinary perfection, including the high-quality rib eye roast marinated with seasonal ingredients. Critically acclaimed chef Tom Aikens is the mastermind behind these masterpieces. He has an impressive resume at high-end restaurants such as Joel Robuchon and La Tante Claire. Everything is fresh and homemade produce that is visually appealing on a plate.

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