St Pancras International Railway Station

St Pancras International railway station is the starting point of Eurostar’s fast bullet train that travels to and from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and the other main cities throughout Europe within hours. Experience a comfortable ride and a fast accelerating speed of 300km in the tunnels, if you decide to go on a holiday. However, if you are coming back from a vacation, then our exclusive London escorts will help you wind down into the abyss of relaxation. Our rental gentleman and services girls are on their way, in a cab, to make your day with their desired skills. Make that magical choice now and give us a call so we can help connect you with your fabulous escort.

Decadent Hotels in St Pancras 

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel - You do not have to travel very far to find lodging because there are a few five-star options inside the station that gives you instant access when arriving in London. Since you are a renaissance man or woman, you need a professional escort service by your side to accompany you to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. Reawaken your spirit with the Neo-Gothic style, cathedral-like bricks in this Grade II listed building. Listen to the imaginary opera voices fill the grand hallway gently as you walk eloquently up the dazzling theatrical spiralling staircase. The panelling is velvet with gold leaf metalwork, giving the building a general romantic feel that will get the mood right for later. Go to your luxurious bedroom equipped with every type of contemporary furnishings that make your stay much more comfortable, with grey floor tiles beneath them. After dropping your bags on the cushy carpet, it is time for a long hot shower. Go to the Enclave swimming pool and do a few laps, then hit the luxurious fitness centre for some real exercise time. Enter the lobby for some splendour hospitality and cocktails that will give you lasting pleasure.

Great Northern Hotel - Another on-site five-star hotel worth visiting is the Great Northern Hotel. This plentiful masterpiece has blue outdoor lights reflecting the hotel’s dazzling pristine condition, and the curved brick building has a bar lounge elegantly presented with natural lighting and high ceilings reflecting the original features of the past. In 1854, it was a railway hotel used a stopover for committed people like yourself. When ordering an escort, there are lots of fun inside the rooms because the bold mirror above the Hypnos bed is staring at your companion directly in her face as she rides the energetic wave of the pure white Egyptian cotton linens. What is interesting about these rooms is that they have a train sleeper compartment design resembling the moving motion on the rails. You will be the conductor for the evening, moving your escort and gentlemen gigolo with confidence until the train finally arrives at the station.

Everything British With Exclusive London St Pancras Escorts

The British Museum is probably one of the most visited landmarks in Europe with over 7 million people a year coming to see its fantastic collections of Egyptian mummies, Greek statues, and priceless works of cultural art. This grand palace holds the real gems of early human history and culture with illustrations and permanent collections of ancient paintings and artwork spanning over 2 million years. You can find the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculpture that is a part of the dominant Greek culture. Use our concierge service to bring an escort with you to the island of Lesbos in Greece for a full cultural experience that you both will enjoy.

The British Library is next to the station, with over 170 million books, journals, newspapers, music catalogues, recordings, documents, and videos dating back to 200 BC. There are over 400 miles of shelves holding important pieces, including the original Magna Carta and original handwritten lyrics of famous Beatles songs.

Some Interesting Places To Visit In St Pancras

The Dairy Art Centre gallery has cubed art exhibits and a dance studio for theatrical musical performances. From painting installations to film production and architecture to literature, this public gallery has glitzy mirror balls to bring out its entertainment value. Swiss artist John Armleder Swiss have his entire solo collection here.
People come to socialise at Granary Square during different events including cars and art shows. Moreover, the most famous attraction is the dancing fountains, and maybe your escort can put their beautiful manicure toes over the holes and feel the pleasant sensation of squirting water.

If you need to add some fantastic books to your excellent library collection, then Judd Books is your number one spot. Read your escort a bedtime story until you both fall into a deep sleep.

Gay St Pancras Escorts

We have an exquisite collection of gay escorts and bisexual escorts giving you a good time to experiment with another side of yourself. Click Male Escorts, and you will see the Gay Escorts tab to the right for access to them.

An interesting place that a gay male escort might like is the London Gay’s The Word Bookstore that specifically focuses on the gay community. Get a better understanding of gay and lesbian culture and buy your escort’s favourite novel for a bedtime story in your private room.

Great St Pancras Restaurants

Plum & Split Milk Restaurant - This restaurant takes elegance and fine dining to the next level, so expect a five-star quality friendly environment, along with authentic British food cooked to perfection. Your escort will appreciate the carefully planned methods performed by the talented chefs who only want to please your flavour senses. Dimmed lights bring a very romantic vibe inviting you further into the hypnotic feelings of this upscale British restaurant. Take a seat at the circular table and elongated handmade furniture with wood panelling. The hot pots trap the robust seasoning flavours sprinkled on fried fish, vegetables and delicious meats for an entirely satisfying sophisticated dining experience.

German Gymnasium Grand Café - Another restaurant inside the station is the historic Grade II listed German Gymnasium Grand Café from 1866. Elegance comes alive with the Mittel-European dishes brought to you on the al fresco terrace and served on a platter. Come back indoors near the central atrium with roses floating upside down. Do not worry; your table has roses on it as well to give your escort for a genuinely happy time. Take a seat on the grandiose black circular leather banquette and enjoy every liquor imaginable at the full-service bar from wines to cocktails. From the mezzanine level, up to the high ceilings and laminated timber roof back down from the main floor, the bohemian vibe is apparent under dimmed lights and large white circular columns. Also, make sure to try the restaurant’s exclusive cherry and chocolate pavlova brought to you by the immaculately dressed waiters.Karpo Grill is a modern British restaurant serving up seasonal dishes with Italian twists. If the weather is beautiful, then an al fresco dinner or afternoon brunch is preferable for your escort. The restaurant is just across the street from the station, so come and take a seat on the brown furniture and enjoy your roasted selections on the Josper grill. Some organic vegetarian options are reflecting the rooftop garden and significant environmental graffiti above.

The Gilbert Scott Restaurant is the part of the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and owns a maginficant entrance with the grand mahogany doors of the elegant on-site restaurant called The Gilbert Scott. Enjoy a friendly, warm, and welcoming meal of superior British choices among the brown and cream colour décor that spells romance like the gates of heaven. The beaming dimmed lights are shining through and illuminating the rich history of the restaurant, bringing out unique designs and lots of character as you take a seat on the leather upholstered banquette and snuggle close to your escort. Book your table early for a premeditated taste of gourmet choices served on black lava glassed tables behind the eclectic collection of artwork.
Casa Tua King's Cross - Enjoy a lovely homely Italian meal, hitting the gastronomic centres of your senses. Taste superior cheeses poured on artisan pasta and ricotta cooked Italian style for a lunchtime date introduction. The light, the airy setting is perfect while sipping some high-quality wines. The restaurant hosts cultural events such as Sagra Paesana, so sit back and enjoy.

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