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London's Chinatown exploded with immigrants during the 1950’s who brought their cultural values, boutiques shops, and many restaurants serving tasty food. Now you can experience the culture by visiting the area between Shaftesbury Ave to Leicester Square, from north to south, and Rupert Street to Charing Cross Road, from east to west. Your service girl or rent gentleman  will come to meet you in Chinatown for an afternoon adventure or evening rendezvous while interacting with Asian sexy girls and handsome gents to get the full spectrum of what this area has to offer.

One unique thing about London’s Chinatown is the Chinese New Year festival that takes place every February with a series of performers dressed in costumes dancing to live music surrounded by bright lights, extravagant colours, and live energy that reflects the rich culture of China. Fireworks will explode from Leicester Square so it is best to visit with your escort. One thing that is you must do when visiting Chinatown is eating some delicious, traditional Asian food, and in most Eastern countries, people eat small meals several times a day which is why you see food stands everywhere. London is no different, except you see restaurants everywhere in Chinatown.

Incredible Restaurants in Chinatown

Shuang Shuang - Most of us do not like when our food is moving, but in Korea eating live seafood is a delicacy. The Koreans believe that the vital energy is from eating alive food. Although this restaurant does not have live food, per se, they do have moving food on an oak-clad white conveyor belt. There are over 50 ingredients placed inside see-through bowls that you can choose from and since this restaurant is a hot pot, you can put your broth, sauce, and food into a hot cooking pot in front of you. This is an authentic Asian cooking tradition that will impress the Oriental Escorts in London. You could also take a seat on the white leather booths and have prepared food brought to you on a platter, and since there is no MSG or artificial ingredients added, so this would be a healthy visit your London service girl will appreciate!

Cafe Monico - This historic, elegant European style restaurant has operated for over 140 years, so they know the importance of serving good food. A three course French and Italian cuisine consisting of different seafood and meats, along with cocktails, vermouths, and afternoon tea, there are two floors from the mezzanine level you can clearly see the centralised bar that has a grand chandelier hanging over it. Take a seat on the dark green leather banquette under the pleated lampshades as the brassiere waitress brings food to the white linen-clad tables. The à la carte menu options are satisfying, attracting elites and hipsters to feel the restaurant’s vibrant nightclub energy.

L'Atelier De Joel Robuchon - Prepare for world-class eating at this Michelin star restaurant that cooks French food in a wood fire oven with a Japanese kick. Choose your seating from one of three floors placed in a black interior, from the bar to the banquettes, the waiters, and the chefs wear matching colours. There are specks of red furnishings that makes the vibe romantic, so enjoy cocktails, wines and sparkling wines, while having a nice meal with your independent escort.

Chotto Matte – A Peruvian and Japanese style of cooking (Nikkei) with local ingredients in this high-end restaurant makes the cuisine unique with much to offer. The UV-illuminated graffiti, manga-style mural along with a black exterior guarding the brownish and golden interior is soothing, and the 10-seater Robata grill and sushi bar has a blue sea countertop similar to the bays in Okinawa. Romantic and luxurious in essence, expect food-knowledgeable waitresses to bring healthy meals to the table. Do not worry about MSG or GMO, because your food is organic, which means you can customise your à la carte dish safely to match your diet preference. Chotto mate is an all-encompassing restaurant that makes sure vegetarians and meat eaters alike feel they are at home. Listen to the evening live music, but relax in the afternoons when everything tones down a bit, and glance out the full-height windows while sitting on the yellow leather furniture. This restaurant almost won the “Wine list of the Year”, and maybe you can explore why they were a finalist by tasting something from their exclusive wine list. Visit their website to live to chat with an agent and we are sure they would love to help you in any possible way.

Yauatcha Soho – Taste some genuine Chinese food made from Hong Kong cooked in a traditional way in this top-end dim sum teahouse. You will recognise this Michelin star restaurant from the outside because of the sea blue colouration reflected in the windows. There is also a blue glowing panel in front of the kitchen, so it looks like the chefs are swimming underwater, and there is a large blue-tinted fish tank built into the bar where your system cleansing fruity cocktails, sparkling wines, and pristine champagnes are placed on, as you watch the fish swim by. The lively atmosphere gives off positive vibes and the vibrant colours induce positive feelings, resembling the energy of Hong Kong. Most dishes come with some form of green tea because in China this is an important tradition. Some high quality herbal teas can fetch for $7000, but you do not have to worry about these extravagant prices because this restaurant combines East and West with European style macaroons, pâtisserie, and petit gateaux served on fine china. As one of the “50 Best Restaurants” by the British Magazine in 2005, this place is magically mesmerising.

Plum Valley Restaurant - This Cantonese-style restaurant has à la carte, dim sum menu with dishes from China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore cooked with some Mongolian influences and Hakkasan styles. You will feel the Chinese culture from the food served on traditional wooden plates and chopstick eating utensils. Also, you will get a nightclub experience because of the surrounding black colours and beams of red light. Let your escort sink into the stylish leather chairs on one of three floors while enjoying patisseries, chocolate, and macaroon gateaux during an afternoon visit.

Babaji Istanbul Pide -  Everyone knows about Italian pizza, but what about Turkish ones? Enjoy fresh elliptical-shaped Turkish pizzas roasted on an open wood fire. No dough for this one because it is Greek pita bread sprinkled with ingredients not readily found on traditional pizzas; perfect for an afternoon snack.

Morada Brindisa Asador - This Spanish restaurant is a meat lover’s paradise with beef, lamb, seafood, and even veggie dishes, available. Take a seat on the bar stools and look at the ceiling because there are legs of ham dipped in red chillies suspended above the central bar. These pieces of meat are cooked on a Robata-style charcoal grill or open-fired oven stewed or braised. You have to book a spot early so you can enjoy the tapas in this fabulous restaurant.

Thai Tho - Curries and Tom Yum are all-time favourite in Thailand, and this restaurant is the closest you would get in London. You could always visit Thailand with your escort by using our concierge service, but this place is very romantic with pink furniture, dim lights, and roses sticking out of drinking glasses. Although the space is tiny, it still represents Thailand. The friendly service, high-quality, tasty food, excellent fine wine, and the cocktails make the visit well worth the effort, and the best part is that they will deliver to your hotel! A karaoke bar is available for hire is available, similar to the ones in Pattaya or the Red Light District, however, these places to do not define real Thai culture. You will have to get a full cultural experience by actually visiting.

Barrafina - Take a seat on the red leather stool as chefs serve your food on a marble counter top. This Michelin star Spanish restaurant allows you to get cosy with your escort in an intimate setting. Impressive fine wines, sherries and tapas make this place an ideal stop for an afternoon snack. With unique French dishes and a sociable atmosphere, it attracts hundreds of people, so you have to make reservations early or else risk standing outside in a queue, but it is well worth the wait! Waiters gracefully cook your meals with respect in the open kitchen.


The Light Lounge - Celebrities and fashion models frequent this lounge because it has a party/club atmosphere, especially on Fridays and Saturdays, when there is a live DJ playing disco background music. The sparkling chandeliers, pendant lighting, and Art Deco style interior make this place glamorous.

High Stakes at an Upscale Chinatown Casino for Adult Entertainment 


Hippodrome - “Ching, ching, ching”, are the only sounds you want to hear in this 100-year-old casino. The likes of Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and Julie Garland frequented this stylish casino, and known for being “London’s Biggest Night Out”, it is smack dab in the middle of Chinatown and open 24/7. Cocktails and extremely juicy steaks are served at the Heliot Steakhouse, a restaurant inspired by a lion tamer, so allow your inner animal to come out while watching live NFL games played on the big screen sports betting. There is an endless stream of gaming action of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, three card poker, dice, slots, and pai gow in over 80 machines and 20 tables in this five-floor casino. Home of Pokerstars Live, they have their own room for cash tournaments where you can mentally beat other players in their own games. Go to the Lola’s Underground Casino where you and your escort could watch adult dancers perform to the music. There is a theatre for musicals, burlesque and cabaret shows with high quality acoustics and no membership fee required to enter the casino to see them. Fine dining, neon lighting, modern furnishings, constant site expansion, nonstop gaming, and the ability to play online for players who decide not to leave their homes, are some things that make this casino the best in the United Kingdom!

Exclusive Performance Arts Theatres in Chinatown

The Chinatown performance arts theatre area has many boutique shops, pubs, galleries, and museums that helped boost the West End economy in the past. The royal family would come to these theatres and most are still here.

Gielgud Theatre - This neoclassical theatre is named after actor John Gielgud, and it is currently showing The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, based on an award-winning novel written by Mark Haddon. This play will run until April, 2017.

Queen’s Theatre - This two tier, curvature, concrete stone dome theatre is in the centre of the bustling Shaftesbury Avenue and named after Queen Alexandra. The award-winning musical Les Miserables runs until March 2017.

Palace Theatre - This Victorian red brick opera house is currently running Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

St Martin Theatre - “The Mousetrap” murder mystery, will run until January 2018. This play has been in theatres across London for over 30 years.

Wyndham’s Theatre - “No Man’s Land” play will end on December, 17th 2016, and The Kite Runner will run from Dec, 21st to March 2017.

Get A Happy Ending Massage in Chinatown

Are you ready for a happy ending massage from your escort? Maybe you can visit a spa to relax before receiving the best Erotic Massage from your Oriental escort later in the evening. Relax in the Spa and sip some herbal tea or glass of champagne before going to your hotel room or private residence to experience nuru or body to body massage,


The best Hotels Near Chinatown

The Z Hotel Soho is a four-star contemporary Georgian hotel townhouse with an outside balcony, lounge, and luxurious amenities for a late-night massage. The open-air courtyard has a spiralling staircase to the roof and fine wine served along with seasonal platters to you at the Z Cafe.

The Piccadilly London West End - This stylish boutique hotel has a 24-hour reception and room service for your late night geisha massage escort.

Leicester House Hotel - This 19th century, Georgian style townhouse has a 24-hour front desk and room service, free WiFi, en suite facilities, and comfortable rooms with banquette style headboards. An open-plan bathroom has a beautiful view from the terrace, and the concierge service will help you get a hotel taxi, so they can drive you home after taking care of personal business. The on-site restaurant serves French and Vietnamese food cooked on a Robata charcoal grill.

W London Leicester Square - This five-star refined hotel looks more like a nightclub than a hotel. When entering the lobby, there are many large silver disco balls and ruby lighting. Expect strong vibrant colours, a Jacuzzi, spa, custom beds, artwork, and a large cocktail lounge. The upscale futuristic rooms are on another level with white, gold, and black everywhere. The latest FIT gym provides revitalization in a movie quality setting. There is an on-site Spice Market Asian restaurant, and around the corner is The Palomar restaurant serving Jerusalem style dishes and. Only two blocks away from the National Portrait Gallery displaying pictures of famous people who have been instrumental in shaping Great Britain.

Gay Area in Chinatown

Only three blocks north from the Chinatown Market is London’s premier gay area where the Gay Parade passes through on Old Compton Street, Rupert Street to Charing Cross Road. There is a conglomerate of gay clubs, bars, lounges, pubs, and businesses that are gay friendly, so bring your gay or bisexual here for some sensual fun!

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