We had Exclusive access to Luca our charming Italian male escort. So we asked him a few more questions.

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Q: Luca are you new to escorting?

A: No actually I’m a professional escort. London Privé seemed to have a really good website and Looked like a great place to join.

Q: One question that really sticks out is are all escorts the same?

A: No, everyone has their own characteristics and style. I like to give positive energy to woman and I like to satisfy their desires.

Q: What is your favourite food?

A: I love salmon

Q: Do you go to the Gym, how do you keep that body of yours fit?

A: I do go to the gym very regular but I also enjoy cycling and swimming.

Q: What evens in London do you like?

A: London fashion week it was in London this week. I also like Royal ascot and the Rugby world cup.

Q: What drinks do you like?

A: Red and white wine are good with a meal but Gin and cucumber when I am relaxing.

Q: With great charm and charisma you will know what a woman wants?

A: Every woman needs different attention and I love to give what they need.

Q: You did go to university and I am told you love to learning?

A: I learn everyday art, theatre, fashion, and acting.

Q: What are your favourite designer brands?

A: Armani, Versace.

Q: Luca would you like to travel as an international escort?

A: Yes, I would love to travel international again I have been to Spain Ibiza, Italy, Croatia, UK...

Q: When you are at home do you venture into the kitchen?

A: Yes I love being in the kitchen I love cooking.

Q: So you have a new client and there nervous?

A:Don’t be nervous I love caring for people. Just be yourself relax and have a great time.