Adult Baby Minding

Adult Baby Syndrome (Paraphilic Infantilism / Autonepiophilia) can be someone’s sexual fetish for some that involves role-playing a regression to an infant like state. Adults who are looking for these kind of services would like to drink from bottles or wear diapers among many other activities such as engaging in gentle and nurturing experiences.

London Privé features a small number of Escorts who provide a genuine adult baby minding service. We do understand that this service cannot be provided by any Escort and the lady you wish to see must understand your needs and must know what she is doing. So certainly not an easy task, but something we love to provide here at London Privé.

Since it is a very personal service you properly wish to see the lady for a longer period of time. The services can be discussed in advanced with the Lady to make sure there is a fit between you and your Escort. Our experienced Escorts can provide their services to adult babies and sissy babies. Diaper lovers are more than welcome.

Click here to see our Ladies providing Adult Baby Minding services. Please rest assured that these ladies are experienced and can provide adult baby minding services that meet our clients expectations.

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